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Help - Lizard Newbie


Myself and the girlfriend have been wanting to get a lizard recently. Im not really sure whats the best one to buy or what they really intail. If someone could point me in the direction of a good website or some good advice i would be more than grateful.

* We want a lizard that wont outgrow its tank - size around 2ft x 1ft x 1ft (WxLxH)
* We want a lizard that wont eat us out of house and home
* One that is failry active and will chase its prey
* One that is easy to handle and not a danger to us

Price isnt really an option within reason, also need to know about heating, ligthing and tank setups and species

Would also consider a chamelion but not 100% sure about them.

All help would be appreciated - Thanks Guys
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for a good lizard i have african stripped fattail geckos and leapard geckos they are active at night they dont eat you out of house and home they eat crickets and meal worms they get about12 inches in size if its a male a female about8 inches , under the tank heater is fine a ten gallon of one lizrd sand calicum sand is best , females in both species seem docial as males are more active how ever some times very very far apart do i get bite thats because i smell like crickets and they are hungry so i learned to wash hands before picking them up and it works , both species enjoy being held and cuddled and love back stratches good luck on youre decission oh and boht getfed once every three days water all the time
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Chameleons, while fun to watch, have fairly complicated care requirements, such as high humidity and like... dripping water dish or a daily misting, since they don't tend to drink from water bowls. If you do decide to get a chameleon, I'd recommend a veiled chameleon or a panther chameleon (more expensive, but also more beautiful in my opinion.) Also, chameleons require a well ventilated cage, so, an all-screened cage would be appropriate, not a glass tank, and they require fairly large cages.

For that small of a tank, maybe consider getting a pair of leopard geckos, they make good beginner pets and are nocturnal, so they don't require the uv lighting. Another choice is the crested gecko, but generally try to stay away from day (diurnal) geckos as your first reptile unless you do a lot of research (which you should do with any pet anyways.)

Have you considered a snake? Maybe a cornsnake is an option because they don't need to eat as often as a lizard.

Maybe you should consider going to a local reptile show, there you can talk to the breeders and learn all about an animal that you might be interested in!

Good luck~!
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anyone know any good sites with all the information i need for leopard geckos or collard lizards?

Thanks guys
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crested gecko, leopard gecko, meal worms, water bowl

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