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help with my leo pleeese

my male leopard gecko dosent seem to be eating at feeding time. my other leo the female seems to be eating fine between 3-5 a night. i am starting to get a little concerned. he will go for it but if he misses one he'll not bother again. i have been leaving a few crickets in at night about 2 and they seem to have been eaten but i cant be sure its him HELP!

here is a pic i took of him today ps they only a couple of month old and i have had him for 3 weeks. his name is gex
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My concern is that he is suffering from impaction. I had a collared lizard that started acting like that after we changed the sand in the cage. Sand can be dnagerous for these little guys. If they ingest it, it can cause blockage in their intestines. This is termed impaction. I would get him to a vet as soon as possible. In the meantime you can try to force feed him with a soft nozzled syringe and chicken or beef baby food.
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hi thanks 4 the message. the little guy ate last night he ate 2 crickets but seemed to eat wen i was peeping around the door probebley a little shy. i was a little naughty and left 4 crickets in overnight they have gone and he is a lot fatter. my brothers gecko lizzy seems really greedy as she is as fat as a pig. she bit my bro yesterday tee hee hee anyway looking forward to them breeding as my mate wants two.

p.s gex seems to have become quite tame and sits on my shoulder for ages.

Does the copactation dissapear cos he seems to be eatin a load
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It is possible for an impaction to pass, but it all too often doesn't. I would take him off any sandy substrates until you're sure he's eating and pooping regularily. He may not even have a full impaction, just a slight blockage that makes him miserable for a few days until it passes - then he eats a bunch, blocks himself up again, and repeats the process. While on sand, he could be making himself worse - so it really needs to be addressed.

He should also be housed alone, just in case its something else, like internal parasites. You don't want to risk making any other geckos sick. Plus, that way you know which one is pooping.


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Leopard Gecko

Open his mouth and see if there is any debris there. Lots of geckos have problems with spitting out dirt, pieces of bark, etc. Also, tear the legs off of the crickets and see if your gecko will go after them now- the crickets will still crawl, but not as fast, and there is definitely no hopping invovled. Also, you may want to separate your male and female. Females can be very territorial, and can deprive the male of food- believe me, chinese water dragons are notorious for that- and that may be why your male is not eating. If none of the above seems to work, go to PetsMart and buy something called JumpStart- it the reptile dept, and give that to your lizard. It can work wonders (high fat/protein gel that jumpstarts lizard appetite). Make sure your gecko has clean water every day, make sure his cage has is dry with a moist hiding spot. Humidity should be between 45-60%. Make sure the temperature is not too high.

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