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Help: Southern Prairie Lizards or Desert Side Blotch Lizard?

Hello, all,

Looking for your advice/expertise. We want to buy a pair of lizards, either Southern Prairie Lizards or Desert Side Blotch Lizard.

As I understand it, both are diurnal (active during the day, correct?), prefer warmer, dryer habitats, and take well to crickets, worms, etc.?

I'd appreciate any thoughts you have on the pros/cons of each and anything else you might want to toss into the mix.

(Also curious about Western and Eastern Fence Lizards, but unable to find any for sale out there.)


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Neither are what I would consider to be good captive choices. Mainly because they're not species that are frequently captive bred, so chances are, any you find available for sale are going to be wild caught. Wild caught lizards can pose additional challenges, such as internal parasites, not to mention, an animal that is nervous, and sometimes difficult to adapt to captivity (or at least to being around humans).

Not to say they don't make perfectly fine pets if set up properly. I've kept numerous Sceloporus species and a few Uta. They need a fair amount of space for their size. Some rocks and decorations for climbing. Heat and UV lamps. Temperature gradation, warm on one side to room temperature on the other. Plenty of places for them to hide in to feel secure. Constant supply of clean water. Calcium dusted crickets and wax worms are usually accepted for food.

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