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Iguana won't eat after being relocated

Hi everyone I have an iguana who has just been upgraded into an ig MANSION, lol. He went from a large fish tank to a custom-made, 7 foot tall monstrosity (haha, three or four adults can fit in there)! It's full of things to climb on and is all-around a million times better than his previous home. The thing is, he hasn't eaten yet. We put him in there on Saturday night and he hasn't touched his food. I'm not terribly worried yet, but what can I do if he continues to not eat? He's been exploring like crazy and has been all over the enclosure (including walking right over his food bowl). His food is in the same bowl that it's always been in. How long can an ig survive without food? He's been drinking a bit when he gets misted and has been taking dips in his "pool." He's still a little guy (probably going on 10 months old but we're not entirely sure) and I imagine this is stressful for him. He seems to love being so high up though (he could only get to about waist-high in his tank before). He seems less spooked when a cat comes around or someone looks in at him. He's just plain not interested in his food.

Anyway, any tips would be appreciated
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Changing enclosures is a stessful thing, especially for young herps.

Make sure he has a good place go hide. A much larger enclosure can make them feel exposed unless they have a place where they can go and feel unobserved. The constant exploration may be the search for a hide. Young animals especially need good cover as they are more vulnerable to predators than adults. They could even be threatened by larger, territorial conspecifics.

Rearrange if you must, but make sure that in addition to a couple of good basking spots, there is some extra foliage in a couple of corners where he can get out of sight. It may take awhile before he gets back to normal. But once he can hide, he should start to feel more comfortable.

Don't worry too much about the eating thing for a couple of days. As long as temps/humidity are okay, and they are drinking/staying hydrated, that's the most important thing in the short run.


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Thanks a lot He's got a ton of foliage to hide amongst but I think I'll put in an actual "hidey-house" for him in case he'd rather actually go into a structure to hide (I have tons of those laying around that are too big for my degus). His food is actually in one of the more densely covered areas of the enclosure. I had a half-day today so I can keep any additional stressors (cats and dogs) away, which may help. He's mostly just basking and laying in the hammock so far today but I hope to see him approach the food sometime soon!
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Arghh, I'm getting more worried as the day goes on. He's basically just sitting in one spot until something scares him enough to move (ie. putting fresh food in there). Still hasn't eaten anything. I even tried giving him a nibble of banana, which he usually gobbles up right away but it was no go. Hmm. I really wish he'd eat
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How is he doing?

Iguanas are territorial animals, once they establish an area that is their comfort zone, suddenly moving to a new area can be a shock to their system. Is his basking area getting warm enough? Are his hiding areas warm enough? Little things can make a big difference.

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He's begun eating again But now we have new problem. He stays in the exact same spot for 24 hours or more at a time (until someone moves him). He gets active and stuff if anyone goes near him and he will eat the food that is put near him but he just doesn't go anywhere in the cage. Once someone moves him to another area of the cage, he gets active and moves around the whole cage for awhile before settling back at one spot for a really long time. I'm not sure what's wrong. Temps and humidity are fine in all areas of the cage...
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pauline w

my iggy has been moved into a larger viv and now will not eat ! she is about 4 and a half now and has been off her food for about a week she has taken a few small bits but is off her food im so very worried about her , im booking her in to see a vet asap but can anyone advise me more please ??
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Peace, quiet, no handling, and ample hiding places in the new viv are the best thing for this. Consider using an elevated feeding dish, too. (If the iguana doesn't want to move, don't make it move...that just adds more stress).
If the iguana isn't eating again after a couple of weeks, I recommend a vet visit. Stress can make reptiles more vulnerable to latent infections or parasite infestations, so they can become ill after being stressed.
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fish tank, food bowl

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