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leopard gecko care?

hi evryone iam considering to get a leopard
gecko,i was jus wondering what is the care for them
because i really would like to one one,oh yeah
iam getting a male,baby leo.
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leos are easy to care for basicly all you needs to do in a day is to cleen which is very easy because the poo is hard also the urine is in pellet form its not even wet exept somtimes because there is 2 diffrent type but i dont know what its called sorry. also feeds it everyday when its growing and only 4-5 time a week when its a adult. they is almost completly insectovores exept they will eat pinkie mouse but its not really nessicary unless maybe a breeding female. so among things you can feed is tomato wormssilkworm,butterworm,kril,grasshopper,superwor m and other stuff but the most common is mealworms and crikets. make sure the foods is not bigger then the spase between the geckos eyes. and gutload (feed nutritus foods)the insects for 24 hour before feeding. and dust foods with pure calcium everyday and a multivitamin like 2 time a week. and what you needs to do everyday is mist the humid hide with a sqirtbottle. and exersize let the gecko explore outside is tank (not for a few week when you first gets it let it settle in) it dont have to be everyday theyre not extremly aktive but atleast like a few day a week let your gecko walk around for maybe a hour or however long you feel like it and your gecko feel like it. my gecko when i put my hand in the tank com right over and climb on his favorite thing is to get out and walk around my hause. also one more thing dont get your leo from a largescale breeding petstore it wil be inbred and have alot problrms please get it from a good breeder that will make so much difference. so good luck with your leo if you have another qeston please ask
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leopard gecko

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