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Leopard Gecko questions/problems

I currently have two leopard geckos and have done research and such on them but I still have a few questions that the books and online sources couldn't answer or didn't go into detail enough about. I have a male and female, the female rarely sheds but is in wonderful condition and seems healthy, the male on the other hand sheds a lot more. I know it might be because he is still growing but he's already two 1/2 or so. He sheds off and on about every 2-3 months.

When he sheds he has some problems with getting all of his skin off. It sometimes gets stuck on his toes and he can't get it off so I have to take it off for him. I'm not sure what the problem is but I thought maybe it's because of having too long of nails? Some of his nails are rather long but I didn't read anything about trimming their nails and the female is fine. any suggestions for that?

My other question is this: While handling my male leopard gecko and checking him over I noticed that there was a scab sort of thing by his erm...genitals I suppose. If you own a male leopard gecko I think you might know what I'm talking about, there is a little 'flap' of skin on the underside at the base of the tail by the genitals. Anyways, there was a scab sort of thing there and it seemed rather painful. I'm not sure what to do about it. I have concidered taking him to the vet but I'm not sure if they even specialize in lizard care. Any help is welcome. Thanks, and sorry for such a long question.
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Questions are always welcome. Hopefully you will get some answers here.

I don't have any leopard geckos, but I do know that reptiles have difficulty shedding when the humidity in their homes is not similar to their native envrionment. You can make a humidity box by putting wet paper towels under a hidebox. Remove the towels daily so that mold/mildew does not grow. This should hellp him finish shedding.

I don't know about the scab near his genitals. I would reccomend calling around to several vets and finding one that specialize in reptiles. Here is a link to a thread about choosing a reptile vet. http://www.paw-talk.net/forums/showt...t=reptile+vets

Hope this helps. Please come back again. Keep us posted on your leopard pair.
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humnity is a problem where shedding is concern about the scabs as you say is it a like a v form on his underside if so its ok nothing wrong thats how you sex males from females , the scabes if he has them will come off next shed he should be ok good luck
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No, it's not like a v form on his underside. It's actually 'in' the opening. :/ I don't really know how else to describe it. However he seems to be doing a bit better.

As for humidity they do have water and I mist the cage but seeing as he is having problems I'm thinking about making a little humid box for them. I've heard moss and such is good to put in there. What moss' would you recommend, if any?
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They sell a special moss at pet stores that you soak in water and you can put that in there under a hide box.

The shedding and the shed sticking to his toes is normal in geckos. They tend to get them stuck on their little tippy toes and sometimes on their tail. Grab a kritter carrier with a lid, and put about an inch of warm water in there. Buy a bit of shed aid and add a leopard gecko with shedding problems! Let soak for an hour or two, remove and peel away the access skin. Simple

Is your leo eating the skin? He should be eating his shed, its very good for him. If he is not there may be something wrong...
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what youre describing about the scab well its not when they go potty it looks like his intestens are coming out , but they arent and if he has a female in his tank then you caught them right after hank panky , peat moss is good to use for the humide box i use a tupper ware sand which container cut the side out and put in the peat moss and keeping it moist also have small saucer in their or small bowl not very deep he can climb and lay in on his own they sell them at the pet sotres all geckos loves laying in a shollow dish with a little water it helps good luck
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Yes its always recommended that you have a moist hide box for them. as well as two hides 1 on each end of the tank. I have been researching leopard geckos because I am seriously thinking of getting one in the near future
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