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Question Lizard eggs! I need advice

I recently was doing some gardening and while I was at it I turned over 5 small white eggs, unfortunatley one was hit by the spade and split open. They are about 15 - 18 mm long and 10mm in diametre , they have a soft shell and are very fragile. I have moved them to another spot in the yard because where they were is no longer a flower bed. They are buried 2 inches under the ground, I have also placed a large cicrle of garden edging around them so they can not get out. When they hatch how should they be cared for? What do they eat? Will they survive on their own and WHAT TYPE OF LIZARD IS IT ??
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It could be a turtle??
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Unfortunately, there's no real way to tell what kind of lizard it may be until they hatch... unless you happen to find someone with a lot of experience of the lizards in your area. My guess is that if you've ever see any little common lizards in your back yard, thats what it would be.

Another problem is, most reptile eggs cannot be turned from their initial position after a few hours to a day of being laid (unlike bird eggs). The way the embryo sticks itself to the "top" side of the egg, often means that if the egg gets turned over, it can be drown in the yolk. So after being severely disturbed, they may not hatch at all.

If they do hatch, they should be able to care for themselves immediately. There is no paternal care in lizards and young are born with their own survival instincts, and most species will feed on any small insects they can catch.

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Smile Thank you

Than very much Ravnos for that infomation. We will just have to wait and see.
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