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Lizards winter eating habbits

i didnt know this... but lizards eating habbits change in cold weather sorta like snakes do. i guess that explains why my leo has not ate much since nov. has anyone noticed a winter eating pattern in your leos?
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I only have a single leo, who is a poor feeding rescue - but I notice that my beardies eat less during the winter. I usually turn off their heat lamps for a month or so during the winter and let them get a some-what natural cycle. I leave the UV on though.


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My chameleon's eating habits didn't change at all, but then again I didn't think to change her lighting/heat other than to shorten the days. I know better for next year now though!
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I noticed my iguana's appetite declined significantly last fall. I figured out that his night time temperature was falling too low... I was just suspicious at first so I bought a ceramic heater and put it on a timer to run at night time only. The result was immediate. My iguana started eating regularly again and ever better than before. It really is important, I think, to watch your terrarium's temperatures and go with settings you find after doing research for your specific pet. Perhaps it is important to remember that most reptiles come from climates that don't have drastic changes in weather season to season and that when it is cold outside(winter) it may seem warm to you inside your house, but the cold outside has actually dropped the temperature inside your house and therefore your terrarium.

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