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Mali Uro questions

We already have a we're not completely new to having herps, just sorta new. LoL
But I've been enchanted with these guys for a couple of days now and have been doing some research on them. Been getting mixed reviews...some say that they are as handle-able as BD's, some say they arent.
Does anyone have any experience with these guys and if so which has been your experience? Are there any surprises with them that I should be aware of that doesnt make it onto care sheets and breeder pages?
Thanks so much ahead of time.

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I wouldn't consider a Uro as gentle as most Beardies. Most I've seen range from nippy to occasionally aggressive. They aren't as easy to keep either. If you've read the care sheets, they are a bit pickier as eaters and need a little more time devoted to maintaining a good environment.

I had one for a couple of years, it wasn't my favorite critter. I liked my beardies better, they seemed to have a bit more personality. JMO


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I beg the differ.I have had a uro for over three years.He has been a wonderful pet for my 10 year old son.His name is spike,he has never bitten,nipped or acted aggressive in any way.He eats everything that is offered to him.Uro's are one of the easiest pets I've ever keep,and I've had alot.
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I've had and worked with several uros, and have never had one that was nippy - though they do have this squirming/twitching thing they'll often do if they don't want to be handled.

I agree with the personality thing though, uros seem to be a little more lazy and prefer to be left to their own devices, where as beardies tend to be a little more outgoing.

Wild caught ones can sometimes have feeding issues, especially the colorful Nigers. All too often they come from the importer loaded with parasites and will waste away if not treated. Making sure you know an animals origins can make a huge difference in how frustrating it can be to care for.

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I used to have a mali uro and he was just great. He tried to get away some when I would first pick him up, but he was very tame. He wasn't hard to catch at all and never tried to bite. He also wasn't picky about his food. He would eat pretty much anything I gave him. I would love to have another uro someday.
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