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Not so friendly Beardie

Hi! I'm new to your forum and I'm hoping that someone will be able to give me some advice/suggestions about some of my pet questions. I have had a few pets in my past and I'm sure I could be of some help for others about their questions. I've had past experiences with land & water turtles, a Garter snake, bullfrogs, Anoles, parakeets, fresh water fish, a Pug-Cha-Poo and a Fox Terrier.
I presently have a Bearded Dragon in my zoo which is not living up to it's friendly personality that it's suppose to have. It's a young one - about 10 weeks old, about 8" long X 1 1/2" wide. It's living in a pretty good environment - 40 gal. tank, both UVA & UVB lights, fed around 4-5 gut loaded crickets a day(twice a week they're dusted), a small dish of veggies, and water sprayed on the head with water about 3x a day. It lives like a king.
I've been trying to pick up this feisty little creature at least twice a day for the pass 2 weeks and only was able to actually hold it twice. 5 days ago he latched on to my finger for a moment and ever since each day when I reach in the tank his mouth gaps open ready to attack or it will run away in a panic mode. I still try to pick him up expecting a chomping is bound to happen. Thank goodness he doesn't have teeth! What must I do in order to keep our contact friendly? I know it will be better to correct this now than when it's 20" or more in length with a much stronger grip. - Chicojo
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hmm...I have a beardie, about 14 inches long. Don't spray it on his head, they get stressed out with that, spary it on basking spots, logs. I dont know what could be the problem. Mine is 1 year and 8 months old, in a 45 gallon tank, and I hold him every day, finely, on my shoulder and everything.
Maybe join and post, ask, they are very infomational.
P.S. For anoles, how did you keep them, I want to get them. How big for 2 anoles, mesh or glass, how many gallons etc.
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You might want to try posting this in the reptile & amphibian discussion section rather then questions and suggestions. There is a lizard sub-forum, and more people who could help answer your questions might see your posts there.

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Maybe a moderator could move the thread for him. That way it will get seen by the ones who may be able to help him out.

Lve Never Fails

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part of the problem may be that you are coming in from above, this looks like a bird of pray to him

you might be moving in too fast as well. you haven't had him very long and i don't think reptiles are as quick to trust and love as other animals

maybe just put your hand in there instead of just reaching to grab him. and then just touch him...

maybe you should get a book on taming beardies I've never had one but i do have an iguana and i know it's not easy to tame them!!
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Cool A Slow Progress

Thanks for the suggestions. About 3 days ago I actually held it on the back side of my hand for about 5 mins. But just yesterday he scampered around the cage several times trying to escape me until he finally turned around and gaped open his mouth in defense. I decided that on the days that I don't dust the crickets, I'll just feed him straight from my hand(which I have been doing for about 2 weeks) until it feels more comfortable having my hand in it's cage.
By the way, when do they start producing their beard? I heard that when they're startled they will flare up their beard. - Chicojo
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bearded dragon

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