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Question Odd Behavior

For the last couple days Haley has been really light colored most of the time, almost yellow! I didn't think much of it because she was acting and eating normally, and I read that darker colors = stress. But then she's been hanging out lower in the tank than usual too (new enclosure due to arrive tomorrow!), still on branches, but not on top like usual. Then, what really made me think something was up is that she didn't eat today I also noticed that she's been basking more lately. Any ideas? Am I worrying too much?
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Really, with chams theres no such thing as worrying too much. If they get sick or stressed, you don't have much time to solve the problem before they are beyond help.

To the problem, double, triple check all your temps - I'd even go as far as to use a different thermometer. Mist down the cage, dehydration is all an too common problem and a bowl at the bottom is not going to cut it. Uhh... other than that, the usual - low activity area, no draft, no stress, etc.


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As always, thank you Rav! I think she may have been a little dehydrated, when I sprayed this morning she popped out from where she was hiding and started drinking from a leaf. It was very neat, first time I ever actually saw her drink! I kept dripping right there and she drank for a few minutes. All day today she was more her normal color, and she ate about 14 crickets!
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Glad to hear things are better.

Rav you are such an asset to this community.
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