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Question Shedding Issues

My roommate's Leopard Gecko seems to take forever to shed the last part of skin off his forehead! It bothers him, and he's always blinking, winking, and trying to lick at it. I tried to remove it gently, but it is still stuck on there good. He always seems to have this problem when he sheds. Any suggestions?
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The humidity level is an important factor when helping your leopard gecko shed. You should provide a place that is moist such as a clay shelter that has been soaked in water. You have to be careful of mold and mildew, but this will help him get rid of his skin easier.

The following has more information and warns of what can happen if this shedding problem persists.
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Thanks Liz Girl! I've decided I'll make him a "humidified shelter." (plastic cup with damp moss in it)
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good call on the humidity shelter. but remember that problems shedding can also be a sign of other things ... keep the humidity up and let us know if the next shed is any better.
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Try if possible not to humidify the whole tank though . . .as they are dessert gecko . . . a shallow dish with water that they can soak it may help (it always did my geckos). If it gets too bad you can always try "bathing" the gecko every so often while in shed ( . . . just a little warm water in a sink or tub ( like a large butter)) and gently sit him/her in it. It might be a stressful at first so only use a small amount of water . . . and try not to do it too often if not needed . . . but it may help!

Other than that a rough surface . . . like a fake bark hide log (you can by them in pet stores) may help them to rub the skin off when it itches!!
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quick fix to the sheeding problem

use a wet qrtip and gently rub it over the shed and it will come off it is a humity problem , a good thing that you did was give him a shelter for humity ,remebre to keep it moist at all times because they will drink the moiture off the sides as well good luck
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leopard gecko

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