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Somewhat new lizard owner, need some advice

Hello! I have recently started to want a lizard and I'm strongly considering a Beardie! I previously had 2 Chinese water dragon/ baby iguanas that I was aware of ( Got them from petsmart which I now know is a huge NO!) Anyway, at the time I was 12 and I had no clue what I was doing even though I thought I did. Anyway here is what I'm wondering!

Where to get them in Texas (other than petsmart)
What substrate? Sand? Or...? I heard sand could be bad but I see SO many people with it.
35 gallon tank is big enough for 2 young ones or just one old one? ( I understand they need atleast 40 gallon but I will probably replace tank soon enough once I get old enough to get a job)
Heating and watering? I heard you don't want to mist because you can make them sick .
What type of heating? Heat rock, heat lamp?
Which greens do they really love? Also can you have fruit from time to time and which insects would be good. I know crickets are a staple diet but I'd've heard meal worms are too hard.
Should I get them young or already grown?
Male or female?
What are their temperaments? Because I do have my little sister and I don't want her to be scared of them and her do something to make them bite.

Sorry for SUCH a long list it's just I don't want to be jumping into a lake and not knowing what is in there so to speak. I have done some research and I will do some more. If I said anything wrong please let me know! Also I am replacing all Theseus from my old lizards and I have already washed the tank and other hum... Decor? Haha. Again if you post here, Ty so much!
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