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Testimonials about Bearded Dragons with Stumps

1.)My first bearded dragon ever was missing her right hand and half her tail. She was already a subadult and probably had grown up with her diformities. I raised her up and eventually got a male to go in with her. She was the first dragon I bred too. And she layed healthy eggs, and every single egg hatched. These dragons are just plain old normal dragons only missing a few parts. With the right person caring for them they will be just as happy as any other dragon.

2.)Here is our girl with a stump. Don't know how she got,came to us that way. and yes she can curl it up when excited,looks cute, what I have noticed is that she gets scared in deeper water, likes to soak in shallow water and swim and splash, but panics in deep water as she has balance problems. Her cage mate likes deep water and ducks under and swims (what mom? I am NOT a water dragon?)but not Trinity. She doesn't like to climb as much either due to the balancing problem, partly due to her size, 680 grams doesn't fit on wimpy logs...
Trinity's Info Page

3.)One of my 18 babies were born with "funny legs". It seems to be something wrong with her joints. I am now treating her with extra calcium, collagen, Vitamin-B and also some massage and excersise. She seems to do much better. She is so cute - and I love her just as much as if she was "normal".

This pic is taken when she was about one week old.

4.)The dominant male in our tank of adults at work has only about 4" of tail left. His tail was badly infected after a fight with another male, and despite our best efforts it didn't heal. He does fine with his stump, although he seems to have some trouble balancing occasionally, and a swagger when he runs. ^_^ When he is alert and his stump is raised up it is ADORABLE!!

5.)I have a male 1 year old snow dragon. When I got him he was missing about the last 1/5 of his tail and is missing several toes on one of his back feet. He is very healthy and actually very large for his age.

If the wounds are fresh he should see a vet jsut to make sure there isn't any problems with infection

Here is a link to the other forum it you would like to see these there.
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An intriguing title, I must admit. But now I am more educated about your dragons/lizards. And I couldn't tell which baby wasn't "right".



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Our first dragon, Jambo, is missing one of his back legs. We got him as an adult and were told he lost it as a baby. It's seldom an issue for him! The only thing he can't do is climb the side of the reptarium, which seems to annoy him. But, he can climb up the cork curls and can run at a decent speed!

Our second dragon, Minerva (who turned out to be a boy after all, so we call him Nervy now), refused to eat for several months as a youngster, then refused to eat anything with calcium on it, so he has deformities of both his front "wrist" joints that make his hands turn inward. He can still climb just fine and it doesn't seem to bother him any. Thankfully, he is eating again now and has grown a lot on the last 6 months!

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