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i have a tiger salamander, leaf chameleon and hermit crabs and they are all on eco-earth. I personally really like this stuff and haven't had any problems with it.
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I am planning on getting 2 Leo's and will be using Zoo Meds Repti Carpet while they are lil and possibly calci-sand when they get older. Would a ten gallon tank be big enough for them both? i know it will be while they are farely small so that will give me sometime to save up some money for a bigger tank if needed.
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We use tile in our bearded tank...the kind you get at Home Depot real cheap that they just roll off and cut however much you want. We were sure to get some that had good texture so they don't slip on it.

It's MEGA EASY to clean and we don't have to worry about them digesting it.

This is a pic of the environment my son made them with the tile inside

It's 8ft long by 2.5 feet wide and a lil more than 2ft high...

Each one of the lil "rock patterns" is bumped up creating a decent texture for them to walk on and they blend right in like they would on the hard and flat desert sands of their native environment...

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a ten gallon would be fine to house them in for a while but for 95 you can get a vision cage and the ones i got is 2 feet wide by 2.5 feet long and 12 inches high the good thing is they dont need the light its all in one and it keeps the moisture and temp in and also its easy to keep clean , remeber though the carpet will retain water and it will pull off the toe nials ,if they get caught but it will be fine for little ones , newspapers and paper towels if you use light it will eventually catch on fire and it dfoes not retain the temps they need to be comfy .leapardss aredesert species so try to make it like thier natural home but little ones its ok for now they will grow fast though
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Well gotta say the Leo thing is on hold until further notice.
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ball python, bearded dragon, bearded dragons, bigger tank, hermit crab, hermit crabs

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