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Yay! Getting a leopard gecko. But a question first!

Hey everyone! We went to the petshop, and I've convinced my mom to let me get a leo! My parents are not usually big on the reptile thing, but if I keep it in my room it's ok.
So, I'm getting my leo from a local reptile breeder. It will be a baby, for 45 dollars. I have one concern, though. I have a 10 gallon aquarium, and it has a wooden bottom. I've found this: http://www.petco.com/Shop/Product.as...ona-_-2-_-6353 but would it be strong enough for a leo?

Also I have a checklist. Can anyone tell me what else I am missing? Or if I dont need something?
* Humid hide
* Regular hides
* Food, water, and calcium dish
* Fake plants and real branches
* Paper (for the bottom)

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nice pet choise, leos are awesome
im not sure what you meen wooden bottem? a aqarium wuld have water soak through if it haved a wooden bottem? hmm so im not sure how the uth will convey heet with that, but for a normal(glass bottem)aquarium that uth shuld be strong enuf maybe even too strong because the air temp dont matter only the temp of the bottem surface. it shuld be like 31C degrees where the uth is. if its too hot you can pile on more substrate or buy somthing to regulate to maximum temp. also what you using for substrate in the humid hide make sur its not loose because possible impacton is more likely for babys. but the checklist look good. leos are mostly terrestrial so i dont know if it wuld climb much but hey anything is possible for leos haha. also make sure you get a veryvery good pure calcium supplement and another multivitamin its especaly important when they growing it stops mbd (which you dont want believe me my leo have it). so good luck with your gecko!
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Congrats on your new leo! Have you had one before? They are pretty tame so you won't have such a hard time. Although leos are nocturnal reptiles, I would recommend getting a uvb light. Leos don't have big mbd issues like beardies and such, but it will make your set up look gorgeous I can tell yoy that. They're originally from the rocky deserts so they are used to hot climates. I have my little leo on Zilla 50 Desert Series T8 lights. But thats my choice. Any other additions? Paper towels are good for when he's little, as he gets older you might think of using something else. Like carpet liners. I'm not going to rule out sand and things like that because had no personally bad experience with them and I don't want to be held responsible. So, its up to you. You can continue to use paper towels as well though.
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Hello Earthling
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Congrats! You must post picture once you get him/her.

Wood is an insulator and won't conduct the heat readily. I would also be worried about possible dangers of using an under tank heater on wood.

Another alternative would be to use a heat light.

If I am picturing this right the bottom of the tank is wood. Not glass with wood under it. I would also be concerned about housing a gecko or anything on a wood base (assuming its not protected by some sort of finish).

You could easily purchase a 10 gallon all glass tank or a bigger tank cheaply.

As a substrate paper towel, plain paper, reptile carpet and ceramic tiles are all good choices. All easily cleaned or thrown out.

I would refrain from using any sandy substrate for fear of impaction.

Hides can be made of almost anything you just have to use your imagination and you can save money by making your own decorations for your vivarium instead of buying expensive decorations are the pet store.

If your good with your hands, creative and have time you could also construct a foam background with built in hides and ledges for the gecko. Just google 'D.I.Y foam backgrounds'.

Hope that helped

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geckos, leopard gecko

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