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2 dogs question

I have a male dog about 4.5 months old. If I get another dog (probably rescue a dog that is a couple years old) does it matter what gender? I have read that you should get one male and one female, but I am not sure. Does anybody have 2 males? I wouldn't mind a female, but I might end up running into a male dog that I want to adopt. I just want to cover my bases so I don't end up liking a male pup when it won't work out. My current pup is an easy going fat dog that is not aggressive, so I don't forsee any problems with him.

Thanks for any help,

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I have 3 male dogs with no problems. Generally speaking, if you have one and bring in a new dog that is younger or a pup they tend to just assume the roll of the omega dog since they are new.

Introduce on neutral ground. Try to get a younger dog, or if older one that has not shown dominance or aggression.

Personally, I have had more problems with multiple females than multiple males. Also, if you animals are not intact (neutered) that will help lower aggression levels.
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Originally Posted by Chrisanne
Personally, I have had more problems with multiple females than multiple males.
Sounds like my life.

The vet told me that he likes to wait until a pup is around 6 months old before neutering. We are definitely going to get him fixed, but he is only 4.5 months old. He is already around 45 pounds, so its not like operating on a 6 pound toy poodle. I would actually like to get him fixed sooner instead of later, but I am not sure if its a good idea. My pup seems to be advancing (um) sexually faster than I expected. I was hoping that neutering him would help to stem the tide so to speak. Any suggestions on how old a pup should be when he is fixed?
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Our vet spayed Jersey a month early due to her "sexually advanced" brother who belonged to a friend of ours and was over quite often! But I'm not sure about males.

As for what sex your next dog should be, can you tell if your dog will try to be alpha? Is he around other dogs so you could get an idea? We were not aware when we got Jersey that 2 of the same sex was not a good idea, but with Serene's past, we knew she needed to remain the alpha dog. Jersey was the runt of her litter, and you could just tell she was a natural follower, so she was perfect for our family! Even when others are over with their dogs, Jersey will just let them boss her around, but Serene remains "top dog"! Hubby says our next dog has to be male to balance out the male/female ratio in the house (he feels alittle outnumbered these days with just him and Nike for boys!!)
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I personally prefer the male/female mix but our neighbors have three males that get along FANTASTICALLY!!!! I also noted that while we had two males and one female...the female was the "Alpha Male" lol

Really it just depends on the dogs... key is attitude not sex I think
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