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4-6 week old puppy, what to do?

So here's the lowdown. A friend of mine's dog gave birth to puppies about a month or so ago. They were about to move, but couldn't take the puppies along, so they had to leave them behind. I took one of the puppies (the cutuest one of course ), but the puppy is only about 4-6 weeks.

What do i do? I'm planning to take him to the Vet within the next few days for a checkup. What do i feed him? how many times a day? how much do i feed him?

right now, I'm giving him milk with some water added to it, and before serving it to him, i warm it up in the microwave a little so that it isn't so cold. That's been his diet for the past 6hrs. I just got him today. He's sleeping right now in a somewhat large enough box for him so that he could move around. I put newspapers on the bottom of the box. Since i've put the milk in his box, he's been peeing like crazy. 3-4 times he's peed already in like these last 4hrs. he hasn't pooped yet. He's got his k9's..his other teeth are growing still..some are out.. he likes to chew on my finger with his gummy part of his mouth. He seems to be healthy... warm tongue, active when he plays with me, he likes to sleep, twitches when he sleeps..he's got a big tummy.., from what i read, those are signs of a healthy pup.

If you could give me any important information I should know, or any good websites that provide important information for a new pup owner like myself, i would surely appreciate it. I know it's not too good to be taking care of a 4-6 week old puppy... but, someone has to do it, its mom isnt here anymore. Thanks in advance.
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Ouch! Them having taken the mother away from the pups was probably not the best plan. *sigh*

Here's what my mom gives puppies when she's starting the weaning process (about this point). She takes some ground turkey and mixes it (in the blender) with goat's milk and a little bit of puppy chow until it's kind of a gruel consistency. That seems to work pretty good for us, but of course at this age they still have access to their mom so I'm not too sure how the ground turkey gruel alone would work, but it's a pretty good mixture.
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at 4-6 weeks the pup should be able to start eating soilds. stop watering down the milk....it's not nutritious enough for the pup. Go and buy some actual puppy milk and give him that. Go and buy a really good quality puppy canned food (the best you can afford...something with no by-products in it will be best) and offer that to the pup.
It is too young to be taken away from it's mum but at 4 weeks it is old enough to eat solids. If it won't eat solids at all then you need to go to your vet (or pet shop if they sell it ) and get it a milk supplement, like di-vetelact....watered down human milk is not what that puppy needs...no is ground turkey.....that's fine while the mother is around but if you ONLY feed the pupground turkey and watered down milk it is going to get sick.
One more thing....if you are only warming the milk up, not boiling it, you can risk poisoning the pup...milk should only be warmed up if it boils.

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Carmen gave some really good advice DO NOT give the puppy milk, as it can do more harm then good for their tummies.......Puppies usually begin to eat soft foods between 4-5 weeks and more solid between 5-7 weeks and so on..... If you can not get any good canned food, I would try to go to the store and get gerbers chicken or turkey with gravy, and plain baby rice cereal. Mix just a little at a time to see how the pup does. Then in about 4 days I would start adding canned food to it, adding more canned food and less baby food over a period of about 5-7 days, then I would start adding softned hard food (add warm water) to the canned food and use this mixture for about 5-7 days adding less of the canned food each time, then after about 2-3 weeks your pup should just be eating solid hard kibble. A puppy needs to be fed at least 4 times a day (at minimum) until they are about 8-10 weeks old, then you can go down to feeding the pup 3 times a day until the age of about 5-6 months old, where they can usually do well on being fed 2 times a day.
You can click this link for more puppy information http://www.paw-talk.net/forums/showt...py+information

At such a young age the puppies should have remained with their mom for the best possible care
I know you will do what is right for your little pup, I hope the information provided is of some help for you, Good Luck!!!!
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oops my bad on the puupy milk thing I've never owned a puppy before...the youngest dog I have gotten was 4 months old...he got no puppy milk. I knew that watered down milk was a big no no but now I know puppy milk is too!

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lots of good advice here, and that's great.

I'd like to add that my preference over canned food is moisted dry kibble. But like stated, go with a high quality feed. Being that young I'd say the puppy needs to eat every 4 hours at least. Hypoglycemia can set in quickly.

If puppy isn't going potty try rubbing its belly (privates) with a warm cloth. By this age it should be able to go on its own but the milk has likely upset its tummy.

A vet check is very important.

I'm sorry to hear that 4-6 week old pups were left behind so carelessly. I am glad to know you are doing what you can for this one.
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