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Aggression after prolonged illness/recovery?

I've been reading like crazy about the bilateral triple pelvic osteotomy (TPO) surgery that Samson, hopefully, will be able to get. I've read some heartwarming stories from others that have been through it and everything sounds quite positive! Most of the dogs seem to live full healthy "darn close to normal" lives after they have recovered. However, with each story I read I started to notice an ever so slight mention concerning aggression in the dogs... Little dogs, medium dogs, and big dogs alike.

None of the stories spoke of SERIOUS AGGRESSION but they all seemed to mention with just a line or two that the dog had become "grumpy" (growling and such) at unexpected times after the recovery. This odd aggression was being noticed even years later. The mentions didn't say it was constant...but rather "rare or only very occasional" leaving the owners in a position of never knowing when it would happen. One owner noted the aggression was only toward other dogs...but not the "other dog" that lived in their own home. Another owner noted that it would only happen if you pet the hip roughly but even then only like once a year or so...

One story I read wondered if it had something to do with the prolonged recovery itself and long time that the pup was "down" and healing that maybe either distorted his maturity in the area or caused a bit of hostility somehow.

I imagine it's not directly related to the hip surgeries but rather a "serious surgery or illness" that would cause the dog to be in pain for 8 weeks or more, drugged (doggy downers and painkillers) for several weeks, and just generally miserable....

I'm extra concerned about the "potential" for aggression simply because Samson is a rottweiler and they tend to have a bad enough rap in the area as it is....

Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Has anyone seen this type of behavior change in a dog that's been through something such as a long recovery (but not abuse because I believe abuse shows the dog a different human attitude than recovery/health actions do)? I'm thinking mental stimulation is going to be a MUST during the recovery so Samson doesn't go crazy with all of the down time and sort of hoping that if we keep his mind active even while his body is not that it may help in preventing that type of slight attitude change.... I'm curious what other's thoughts and ideas are concerning this. Heh I don't even know if he can get the surgery yet but I'm trying to think positive and get prepared just in sure beats sitting here doing nothing but wondering anyway...
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I dunno Deb, maybe its got something to do with arthritis from the surgery?
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Well, when I was little I had a dog, Toto, that went through one hip replacement at under a year .... I didn't mention it in your other post because I was around 5 years old at the time and I don't know enough about it to really give you any info at all ... besides, that would make it over 15 years ago and I doubt much is the same about any sort of hip surgery for dogs ...

But I don't remember her ever being aggressive afterwards. I remember that she was given a lot of attention and love at the time ... and her size allowed us to keep her with us in the house (we could transport her easily) so that might of had something to do with it as well .... She was a terrier mix.

She lived a long life (died in 02) ... the only after effects that I noticed was that she had a hard time in cold weather ... made that hip ache.

Sorry I cannot offer more info.
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well, my yorkie, penny, had both hips operated on before she was 1. her full recovery for each hip was a couple to three months. i just made sure to keep her active as much as possible and to try and play little games with her when she was still. like, i would play kissy face with her and i would play "can i bop you on the nose?" buuuut, i don't know if this would work with a rottie. maybe you could give him toys that stimulate. they have those kongs and they have rubber or plastic cubes that you can put dry treats in. then samson will have to paw at it to get the treats out. you can play peek-a-boo with a blanket on him. i'm not sure of his personality, but i'm sure you'll think of stuff as you go. give him a kissy for me!

btw - what is wrong with his hips?

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He luvs the "knows bopping game" lol... he also plays "getcher toes" and "peek-a-boo" etc..he's a big baby

This thread explains the problem....

This page does an excellent job of explaining the surgery that we're hoping he can get on both hips....

If he meets the criteria he's going to have a long 6 to 8 weeks ahead of him... hopefully so he can enjoy another 6 to 15 years.... I can't wait to see what the surgeon has to say on Tuesday
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I agree with what everyone else said...I think if you keep him stimulated with new toys, bones and calming games to play as well as lavish him with love and kisses, it should help his recovery time. Also ask the vet about possible water therapy when he's recovered to help relieve pressure off his hips while building strength. I think he may get "grumpy" when arthritis kicks in, but medications should help him deal with the pain and keep him active enough not to aggrevate it. If you can, I would say go for the surgery and just make sure he knows you love him. All a dog really wants is to be loved and your love will see him through
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