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Warning - Devil's Advocate

I also found this article worth the read in an attempt to make an "informed decision". Note this article stresses how WRONG the BARF Diet is... so be prepared for the opionions of the "other side" of the fence.... I'm just one that likes to hear all sides so figured I'd share in case anyone else would as well...

I have no clue what's right or wrong so I'm not promoting either side of the issue..I'm still trying to learn
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Deb that is a very interesting site, but the part about what all BARFers claim IMO isn't true. From my past few months of research I have seen some sites that I just turn away from as it is a bit ridiculous as to what they want you to believe about the diet. I even joined a yahoo group (briefly) to gain more information, and one of the member's on the group sent me an email with tons of information, he wanted me to make my own opinion and also mentioned that if I were to make my own opinion on what I feel is best for my dog than to not be a part of most of the discussions in that group, I soon found out what he meant and unjoined.
I know that raw foods provide better nutrients than cooked foods, because once the food is cooked it has been proven even in humans that nutrients are lost.
The links that I provided when I first started this thread were some of the best I have found on providing information on the barf diet. I am not saying that it is right for everybody and I'm not agreeing with all the myths out there, but after researching enough Darren and I have agreed this feels to be the best for our dogs. Carmen has helped me alot with questions I still had, and I'm sure I'll have many more to come.
The last link you posted said that barfers turn away from vegetable matter, well that isn't exactly true from the sites I feel helped convience me. Vegetables are to be about 40% of the barf diet, with meat and bones being the other 60%.
With our dog's we have been through the ups and downs with them, and have gone through several dry dog foods, and yes what they are on now, seems to be working, but we just want something better and healthier for our babies
Deb your doing a great job researching, keep it up and when it's time you'll know if trying the BARF diet is the right decision for you and your babies. Thanks again for posting those links they were very helpful!
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Posts: 771 has some nice, simple, easy to read ebooks on it that may be worth your while as well.


Is a nice ebook that includes some good information on the BARF diet as well as example menus and good links for even more menus... It also provides suggestions for those that are still sticking to "premade" diets for ways to "enhance" the diet for variety and completeness etc...

I purchased that book and the "Teach Your Dog 100 English Words" book. I have not read them completely yet but a quick glance made them both look worth of the 9 bucks providing you can handle reading the books on your computer. I do wish there were hardcopies available...but there are not..
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Thanks for the site,
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