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Post Between Wolves and Men.

Hey Guys.

As some of you might know, I have wolf dogs.
I am so in love with them that I'd like to post this article.

In 1993 wolves and dogs were classified as the same Species. (Canis.lupusX) for wolves and (Canis lupus familiaris) for dogs.
WolfDogs, (Canis lupus familiaris).

There are alot of people that want to ban the people like myself from having wolf dogs.
They claim that they are dangerous and blood thirsty.
That they bite more people a year than any other "breed".
That they can not be trained.
That it's cruel <- this amuses me.

Pit Bull
German Shepherd
Siberian Husky
Alaskan Malamute
Doberman Pinscher
Chow Chow
Great Dane
Saint Bernard

^ There is a list I've found of the "most dangerous" breeds.
"note, this list changes and might not be the most up to date.I'd found one list where WD's were at the bottom,but lost the link."
I'm a firm believer there isnt a BAD breed,just bad or inexperianced owners.
Most bites are because the animals owner was NOT watching their dog.You should never leave your child unattended with ANY animal, especially a larger breed of dog.Even a dog that has been a "good" and loyal companion has the ability to bite.Children are at the brunt of this because they dont know the signs of an upcoming attack.The dogs tell you when they have had enough,most times by their body language first, then a growl.
Sometimes, we cant find WHY an animal bites, but know this, there is a reason.

Wolves and WolfDogs CAN be trained.
Basic obediance training is a very VERY good idea.
These are not an animal for everyone, they are highly intelligent,can be destructive to property "chewing your clothes,furniture,WALLS".And they HOWL.They will ALWAYS howl, it is their nature.
They require fencing beyong most any breed you will ever have. Eight foot fencing with an overhang three foot,under fencing(they dig,ALOT)And PATIENCE.
WD's are very social creatures, just like wolves.
If you get one, you should make sure you can spend alot of time with your new friend.
It is also good to have another dog (of the same size) to keep them company.
WD's have a HIGH prey drive.
They will eat your cats,birds and poodles. (not all do this, but i wouldnt take a chance)
My WD Tez has tried to eat our cat several times.
They have the mentality of a wolf, they need a pack enviroment.
YOU need to be the alpha.(this is not as easy as it seems.)
They are cruddy "watch dogs".
A wolves natural instinct is to RUN from danger.
They ARE (cool) pets.
If cool to you is...

Peeing on your stuff....ALL OVER IT....
Pooping too.
Eating your furniture,howling all night,growling, play biting... (WD's are very mouthy, more so than your pit bull).
They play HARD, and it can be PAINFUL.
I have scars from where Dolly and I were playing.
These are POWERFUL creatures. Can you imagine 1200 pounds of pressure per sq inch? Well, you can if they decide to chew your arm in good woofy fun! .

They eat meat. Plain and simple, they eat meat like wolves.

Now, as far as it being CRUEL to cross a wolf with a dog....
Go back in time, where did your poodle come from?
Uh huh, wolf stock..
I believe if a person has the capabilities to care for an animal,as long as they are not harming the wild popualtion, they should be able to have it.
Alot of people say, the wolf in the wolf dog is constantly at ends with the dog.
LOL!............a wolf trying to tear itself from the dog eh`?
Let me tell you from a science, that is FALSE.
We (good "owners" and breeders) dont take them from the wild and start breeding them.
They are DOMESTIC wolves. (yes DOMESTIC)
They wouldnt know how to survive in the wild.They must be taught by their pack how to HOWL, to SURVIVE.

(trying not to get too upitty here)

There are ALOT of bad breeders out there.
They breed any dog with any wolf or wolfdog, just to make a quick buck.
End result?
Some breeds do not mix if not chosen CAREFULLY for breeding.
We get very timid, fear biting,health problem ridden WD's. (or ANY dog for that matter)

As far as I know, the rabies vaccination hasnt been approved for wolves/wolfdogs.
It does work.It is proven.It works on dogs, and dogs have the same DNA as wolves.It HAS worked on wolves, but through legal crud they wont approve it,(yet).

Now it is three am, and I havent a clue as to what I've just typed LOL.
Hope I didnt take too long.hehe.Just out of curiosity,would anyone like to know more about WD's and their plight?
As you can probably tell, I love talking about them! LOL.
Thanks for your time! ~tsavo.:black:
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We had a German Shepherd for 9 years that was the love of our lives...and he was very gentle. Big & clutzy and ran like a cow...but he was very gentle & loving. Not to mention extremely smart! I sure miss him...
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Keep in mind please, I was not bashing any breed.

"I'm a firm believer there isnt a BAD breed,just bad or inexperianced owners."

I had a german shepard great dane cross, and he was great..
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Originally posted by crimsontsavo
Keep in mind please, I was not bashing any breed.
I didn't think you were.
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Just wanted to make sure, cause I didnt want you to think im the big bad breed basher.(.
(BTW, how do you change your avatar? "customize it", do I have to be a paying member or something?)

german shepard, german shepherd, pit bull, siberian husky

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