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Bichon Frise

Anyone here have one? I'd like to know more about this breed, if someone can enlighten me. Are they good around kids? Are they high-maintenance? How do they compare with poodles?

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I don't have one, but it's my "dream dog". We breed them where I work. They are super-high maintenance because of their coats, and they can have a lot of eye stain. Our groomer says that grooming one is like grooming a dog twice, because their coats are so terribly thick. One lady brings hers in once a month to be groomed.
I love their personalities, they're sweet and silly and so loveable... I also like their size, and their sturdiness - they're built so that you can rough house with them and not be afraid of breaking them, but they're still a "small" dog. They also seem to be pretty tolerant, I think they'd be great for kids.
I like poodles too, but I think they're kinda high-strung and yappy - the bischons we have at work are the least yappy breed we have. Their only downfall, in my eyes, is the grooming. But, if you keep them brushed and keep their eyes trimmed out, it doesn't have to be a problem.
I say it all the time at work - "I want one !"

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i was going to get a bichon once and so i did a lot of research on them. they are extremely smart and listen to you. they have been used in circuses because they can learn so many tricks, etc. they aren't as energetic inside though, and need limited outdoor exercise (although more is better). the only thing that's hard is the coat. and remember...they do sunburn, so if you shave their hair off they will have to wear a shirt. it's best to leave the hair on. but they are great dogs. i still want one.
look the breed up online. that always helps.
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I would love one too! I've always heard great things....except how much time you spend keeping them groomed. but their personalities are supossed to be great!
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My mom has a bichon fraise toy poodle mix, and he is great. he listens well. He does "punish" though, like one time he peed in my Dad's slippers when they were out, I really loved the whole thing, but alas my stepdad did not find it as funny.
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i have one and it is a great dog. I love her and they are great around kids.
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