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peeing for attention?

i have a sheltie a toy size poodle, two cats, and a hedgie. I got the hedgie in september, and i recently moved one of the kitties(who are outoor kitties) into my room for the winter. The poodle(Priscilla) is definately my dog, and wants all of the attention. Poodles get jealous very easily, especially when new pets are getting some of their attention. All eyes had been on prissy and now she's wanting it back.
She is going PEE everywhere! five minutes ago she peed on my dance costume pants! i've tried paying more attention to her. She had occationally had an accident before, and so she knows its bad, and has been punished before. This must be for attention right?
Errrg! should i get mad at her, im afraid if i don't she'll think its not a problem but if i get mad she'll know its a good plan to get my attention. ERRRG. maybe i should get the kitty outside. help!!

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How old is the poodle?? If she's an older dog it could be incontinence issues. Those happen a lot in older dogs.

If she's not old, it is probably for attention. However, you can't punish her unless you CATCH her in the act. Otherwise she has no idea what she's being punished for.

There is of course the possibility of something wrong like a kidney infection that may require a vet checkup. Getting a vet checkup when something in an animals behavior suddenly changes is always a good idea.
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She's 7, but poodles usually last a long time. We caught her once and put her outside. When i said nothing and just showed her the pants her tail went down, and she knew what i was thinking. But, good idea on the vet, i'll take her in.It's just so spendy! I have a five day weekend, so i'll give pretty much all of my attetion to her and see if she stops. She is the jealous type, she won't share toys or a bed with any other animal, but a person. we'll see, thanx

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I honestly think you should rehome the cats. Find them a home where they can live inside where they are suppsed to be. I think that would be better for everyone involved.
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The cats go in and out of the bonus room as they please. It's totally heated and furnished, and we moved my bro into it. Bella, the cat in my room, had an eye infection also, and because she is very skiddish and i couldn't catch her twice a day outside, she had to stay in my room while she needed eye drops. I would never ever dream of just ditching them outside in the cold. They are very loved and happy, they just pee in the dining room, so don't come in the main house. I love them very much! They like to play outside as well as inside and they have that freedom.
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older dog

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