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Canine Rage Syndrome

“My husband left for work and all was quiet. Flash, our two-year old Basset Hound we rescued just three days prior, was curled up sleeping next to me on the floor. Suddenly he jumped up, as though startled. He faced me, looking me square in the eyes and began to growl and snarl, showing his teeth. His eyes were glassy and he looked dazed. While trying to figure out what had set him off, I slowly moved to a standing position and avoided eye contact, which is what I've learned to do over the years with an aggressive animal.
I began slowly moving to the opposite side of the room when he lunged at me, locking his legs around mine and growling ferociously. To stop the bite, I put my arm all the way back in his mouth as I wrestled to get him off of me. No matter what I did, he'd latch on with his legs and teeth. He bit through my arm and began biting my hand and chest, trying to get to my neck. Somehow, I managed to get him outside and pried him off of me, using the door as a wedge and ran quickly into the house, leaving him outside.

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