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Unhappy chihuahua/pug?

Hello all! i have a three year old chihuahua (bella, the love of my life!) and for a LONG time i've been wanting to breed her, but couldn't find a male chihuahua. my grandma is getting a pug puppy and wants to breed him with my bella when he gets a bit older. i just don't know if a pug/chihuahua is a good thing. NOTE i'm not breeding for money or anything like that! i just love my bella so much and i want her to have babies. so if anyone has info on chihuahua mixes especially with pugs, that would be great! thanks! -Ronnie
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well, Right before I got my male chihuahua fixed he got out and went down the block and got a little pug pregnant. Well about 9 months later 2 dogs came down the ally to my house and I sat out and played with them, some one whistled and they ran back to them. It took me a while but I realised that they were Poopster's (my chihuahua) pups. THey were cute as could be, pup body with his fur. One had the smushed nose one didnt. They were so sweet. I never recommend breeding just to bring more pups in the world but if you find them good loving homes before they are born, they are very beautiful dogs.
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I'm sure that a lot of other people here will tell you this, but:

*you risk your dogs life everytime you breed it.
*puppies cost tons of money.
*do you have enough money for vet check-ups during pregnancy? after the puppies are born?
*do you have the money for an emergency c-section (as many small dogs need)?
*have both dogs been blood tested for any diseases, including genetic?
*there are thousands of homeless dogs out there. if you have room for these puppies, why don't you adopt homeless dogs?
*do you know that your chihuahua has a higher rish of having cancer when not spayed?

PLEASE reconsider. Remember - many dogs die in childbirth.

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Yes, i have cheaked out everything possible, we have the money i promise, and i totally understand your concern and thank your for taking the time to care. but i just love my dog so much i want to have more with her bloodline and genes in them...hope u can understand. thanx
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I don't think it's a good idea. Besides what Jane said, there are enough unwanted mixed breed dogs (and purebred dogs) to be creating more. Also, if I'm not mistaken, pugs grow bigger than chihuahuas, right? That means that the babies will be about a mix of the 2 in size (maybe... not as big as a pug, but not as small as a chi). This would mean that the babies will not be small enough to pass through the mom's tract. This could lead to the need of a c-section, death of the puppies inside the mom and even death of the mom.

As an anecdote... where I work, once a family arrived with their dog. A dashund, she had given birth to 3 puppies and 2 days later they found a fourth dead one. The mom was depressed and they took her to the vet. When radiographs were done (for the first time in this dog) the Dr. found 3 more dead babies in her. He performed an emergency c-section, the dead pups stunk the whole clinic... they had been dead in there for a while... The dog stayed hospitalized, but already had a septisemia (blood infection due to the pups decomposing inside of her) and died. The family payed over $2,000 and their dog died. I don't know what happened to the pups, but raising orphan puppies is not easy at all, specially this young.
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If Bella is the love of your life, please DON'T breed her. You risk losing her for what? Bringing more puppies into the world when there are already so many. Money doesn't always save a life.
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