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Question Crate training & crying?

I have been trying to crate train my puppy ,Honey, I read the post above about it and I'm reading 2 books Dogs for Dummys and Puppy School. My problem is she cries alot in the crate and it says not to let them out while they are crying but it's so heart breaking to hear her cry and then I worry what if she needs out to potty? Does anyone have any tips for getting through the crying?
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The best thing to do is to ignore her while she is crying. If you let her out while she is crying she will think that crying worked...she was rewarded for that, which could turn into barking etc. as she gets older and will be a complete pain in the butt (trust me, I have a rescue dog that was soooooo incredebly loud at first. I've had her for a year and we are still working on it).
She is probably crying because she can see you...try putting a blanket over the crate so she can't see you or any action outside the crate at all. Try and put her in a quiet part of the house too, for now. If she is quiet with the blanket over the crate then get her out and praise praise praise. You should find that the blanket will help out heaps. I puppy sat a pup a few months ago and he wasn't toilet trained. So we'd put him in the crate and he'd bark. If he was covered up he didn't bark! It was really simple.
How old is your pup? Depending on the age will depend on how long she can stay in there without needing to go to the toilet.
If she continues to cry in there, at some stage she will stop, even for a second. In that instant you need to praise her for being quiet and let her out. It's like a crying puppy the first night they are home. It's hard to hear but unless you want them sleeping with you foever, you have to ignore it. Trust dog was three when I got her. She will scream from first thing in the morning until last thing at night. It took a lot of patience!!!! It still does...when she has decided she wants inside she will start can take her up to two hours to stop. We just have to ignore her or she gets worse.
If the blanket works then after you praise her for being quiet for around a week or so, try incovering one side of the crate...if she crys again cover it back up. She will learn she is being praised for being quiet...not crying and it will stop. Crate training is definently worth the trouble!!!! You will be thankful one day! Trust me!

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Thanks for all the info, Honey is just 8 weeks old and so during the day I try to take her out every 1 to 1 1/2 hours but at night I try to stretch it to evry 3 to 4 hours. I scheduled her feeding to try and accomplish this. But the blanket will probably work because she cries the most when we are moving about and she is in her crate, it's really amazing how loud such a little pup can be. Nights she is pretty quiet once everyone is asleep and sometimes she doesn't get up every 3 hours so I let her sleep.
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crate training

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