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Crate Training For a Puppy ... One Small Question ???

Hi Again All,

Well with just about two weeks until I take delivery of our new daughter (A Cavalier King Charles "Charlie") I have been out buying her the bits and bobs I think she'll need, as well as making my apartment as "Puppy Proof" as possible!!!!!

So far 2 Kong toys (small and medium) and Kong Air ball, some squeaky fluffy toys and a rope toy. I'vwe also bought her a 24inch crate which I figure I will have to partition off. I also bought a very small transport crate which will probably be big enough for her as a small puppy and may last a couple of months.

My questions are this

1. Should I get the new puppy used to the larger crate straight away (which will be partitioned) or should I use the smaller plastic travel crate to start with.

2. She is going to be limited to allowed to roam my kitchen and hallway (and possibly bathroom) during the times we are not there. Now I've read with crate training that the puppies should stay in their crate during the day. Should I leave the door open ?? I mean to allow her to have a little roam about and explore and a chance to stretch her legs. Or should she stay locked in her crate when we're not in (Could be 6 hours on some days obviously due to work)

3. Is using cat litter (and tray) a good way to house train her in case she needs to relieve herself, she isn't going to be indoors all the time and we plan to walk her as often as we can, but in the meantime should we try to encourage her to go in a litter tray.

4. Is it a good move to use "Puppy Pads" in the litter tray???

5. Roughly how long do dogs take to housebreak, I've read quite a few different things in different books by vreeders but I realise that these people are professionals to an extent and get to spend almost every waking hour with their dogs. Whilst I'd love this to be the case, how long does the average "Joe" roughly find it takes them.

I'm so very excited about getting her, so I'm sorry if some of these Q's seem a bit "Dumb" I just want to do the right thing by her.

Many thanks for all your help


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I will let the more experienced people here answer most of your questions , but did you read the crate training sticky here?

When I 1st got Dj, I kept the crate door closed while I was away, for his protection. Once he grows up a little and I can trust that he wont harm himself, he will have full run of the house, like Dylan did.
It's been almost 2 months now and DJ now owns the kitchen, no more crate. He is 90% potty trained (I am so proud of him)

good luck with your new friend.
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I've read so many different things with regards to crate training my head is spinning !!!

Many thanks for your advice, I really hope she'll pick up the training quickly.


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Well, I will offer what help I can. My pup turns 10 weeks old this Saturday so I am only a few weeks ahead of you. I set up an exercise pen (like a big steel square fence) in the middle of the kitchen. I have a small kennel for Kobe to sleep in, but I take the door off of it during the day. This is manly so if he did have to make a mess, than he would not have to sleep in it. We got Kobe at 7 weeks and he already kind of had the idea to go the bathroom outside. We have been pretty lucky and only had a couple of accidents in the house.

1. I say its worth a shot to get him used to the crate that he will be in when he is older. Transitions seem hard for a pup, so getting him used to that one place might save you some work down the road.

2. I explained above what I did. We both work so there is only so many times a day that we could let him out. We thought it was better to let him go outside the crate if he HAD to. You can give him a little space and make his crate available to him if he already gets the idea of going outside to eliminate. If you are going to be able to let the dog out every few hours (or 45 minutes sometimes) than you might want to keep him in the crate to make sure he does not go in the house. Keeping him in the crate might be more effective if you have the time, but I don't know what your schedules are like.

3. Litters and newspapers will work for awhile, but you are basically training your pup to do something that you are later going to have to break him of. Most of the books I read say that you should try to foster the dog's instinct to not eliminate near there den. You may have to clean up a few messes in the near future, but it may shorten the overall time it takes you to house train the dog. It is up to.

4. I didn't use puppy pads. I could see them being useful if the pup went on them inside and then you could eventually set them outside or something.

5. I guess I don't know the "usual" time it takes to housebreak a dog. I think it depends on what they have already been taught before you get them. If the breeder/parent dog make the dogs go outside of the den, then you are off to a good start. If the breeder / pet shop / puppy mill lets them stand in their own waste when they are young I would guess it will take awhile. I remember reading that a puppy does not develop strong enough muscles for real bowel control until around 6 months old (pretty sure that is the right age, but not 100%). I just try to stay in a routine and we seem to be going pretty well with our pup.

Good luck with yours. It will try your patience sometimes, but you definitely get attached to your pup. Just remember that it will get better as he gets older and what you teach him now will stay with him.
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You've answered all my questions perfectly many many many thanks for this advice .....

I'll post some pics and keep you updated when she finally arrives

Again many thanks
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