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Crate training Q

Hey everyone

I don't have dogs yet, but I've always wanted them and Chris and I plan on adopting as soon as we can, which is probably going to be as soon as I get out of college so I have more time to spend with them.

We already know that we want to get 2, so that when I do eventually get a full time job we won't have one dog staying home alone all day.

So I was wondering, if we have 2 dogs, is it better to get 2 crates or would it be ok to get one gaint one for them to share? Actually Chris doesn't even like the idea of keeping them in crates and wants to get one of those gaint play pen things and keep them both in there together at bed time and when we both have to go out. But would that serve the same purpose as a crate would??

I crate trained my parents dog for them so I know how to do it and about how the dogs actually usually like spending time in their crates - which I can't convince Chris of. But I was also thinking that maybe a play pen would serve the same purpose, and then the dogs could sleep together and comfort each other when I'm not around.

So what does everyone think??

We won't even be getting dogs probably till after next Christmas, so about a year from now - I'm just excited already and want to make sure I have everything and have all my questions answered before we get them! They're going to be so spoiled lol, I've already been looking at toys and stuff for them :p

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when I first brought home the puppies I had them share a large crate, they were newly away from their mom and clung to each other, I left them in the same crate togather for 2 months before I moved them to their own....everyone told me it would be hard to seperate them after that cause they would be used to each other, but they took to it amazingly...the crates are next to each other so they still know the other is there...

I see no problem with keeping them in 1 for awhile if they are from the same liter, but if they are from 2 different families I wouldn't have just because they may not be ready for the constant bothering of the other...

lol I know I am not much help but thats how I did it...

Proud mommy to Ashley

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Tell your man that crate training is NOT cruel!

Unless the dogs are super bonded,I would not put them in the same crate,because they may want space.I would get two crates and just have them either side by side or facing eachother.

A couple of times at the Beagle Paws office/kennel we have crated two dogs,because they were super bonded and went everywhere together and it was less stressful on them to be together.

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I'd say two separate crates, if they want to chill in the same one on their own during the day thats fine, but I think I'd keep a second one for safety reasons.
Tell that man doggies do love crates! Does he not like his bed room? For dogs a crate is a safe place.. It's good for down time. Dogs naturally den, so a crate is just like it's own personal den. A pen would be ok, but I think it's still advisable to keep the crates as well. If they are just in the crate to play thats fine, but for purposes like letting them play in it while you're not around, I'd think it's a too escapable enclosure. Plus the dogs cant escape eachother if they need to.
A play pen also does not have the same "den" effect which is not as comforting to a dog.
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