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Here I am re-reading it all again... and just want to say thanks!
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Deb Biscuit is the first dog I ever crate trained and I wouldn't have it any other way now!!!! It's awesome and Biscuit loves it too!

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Crate training has been a life saver for us. We have 3 Chihuahua's and we did it with all of them. They love going in it now. It is easy to corral them in there than to chase them all over the house or worry about them getting into something when we are gone.
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once somebody told me

Crate training a dog can have several beneficial effects. It provides security and safety for the dog, while preventing damage in your house. It assists in training, and traveling, and can improve your relationship with your dog. When selecting a crate you should pick one with enough room for the dog to stand up and turn around in. It helps to locate the crate in a room with a lot of activity since dogs are social and wants to be included in the day's activities. When introducing a puppy to a crate place some treats or toys in the crate so that the puppy enters voluntarily. The first time you confine the puppy it should be after it has been playing or exercising and is ready for a nap, never use the crate as a form of punishment for your dog, it should be viewed by your dog as a safe place to retreat. Once the puppy has entered the crate, leave the room, but stay near the puppy in order to hear him. He may cry but don't release him until he stops, otherwise you are rewarding negative behavior. If the crying is excessive you may need to correct the behavior, but stay out of site and keep the punishment light.
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i found it reli easy to crate train my boy irish staff i didn't even have to look up any info neither he loves his crate and when i say its bed time u've got to run to the crate and lock the day so that he'll actually go outside and get a wee first lol, and if he goes in during the day he likes the door locked behind him as he must feel more safer i think the reason he likes the crate so much is becoz from the day he was born we kept him and his brothers and sisters in a pen.
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Nice info. We had to half-improvise when crate training our Jet, but he loves his 'den'! It's a really good method of training, not just for housebreaking but because it gives them a private space to snooze during the day or just go when they want some peace.
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I am just training my puppy in her crate and its going well so i do agree with you they are the best way to train puppys when i got lucy the breeders said that she was half paper trained but that was not the case cause i tryed to train her on papper when i got home and she did not do it on there as she was doing it all over the house and i tryed to take her out in the garden but she didn't want to know so i went and got a crate yesterday and now we are getting some were she didn't like it in there at first but she dont mind now and hopefully it wont be long befor she will ask to go which she is starting to do so i am a lot happy with her and she knows it too
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I am training my 8 week old cocker spaniel and cause she is so young its a lot easy than it was when i started traing lucy at 5 mths which was hard work but we got there and she is 11 mth now ,i'v got some of them training pads to so she can do her toilet on there but at first she did'nt know what to do but she is going on there ,i give her a treat and say what a good girl she is and i think she knows what i'm saying
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one thing i have learned in my experience in crate training is not to let them out when they are crying, if they have been quiet for a while then let them out, if not you will be rewarding bad behaviour. if you give in they will try to walk all over you
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7 wk old lhasa-maltipoo pup


I just got Charlie 6 days ago. He's 1.5 pounds and sweet and quiet as he can be. He sleeps in an open crate next to my bed and does not whine at night - he's happy to sleep in his pee.

Should I set my alarm and get up every two hours to take him out until he gets bigger and can hold it longer? I'm afraid he will get accustomed to sleeping with pee and never stop!

Thanks for your help!
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thankyou so much

very helpfull
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i was so reluctant to get a crate for my puppy. But all of the books i read suggested it was the best thing to do. I got one early in the process. A couple days after i got him. And i must say crate training worked for him. He knows to go in and didn't cry too much in the beginning. I recommend then to everyone.
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I was definitely against it when I heard about it. Tried it and it made a major difference in his life. I would not consider raising a dog without it.
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When I first got a dog, I would have never believed they would be Ok with the crate, but they really do love it. When my dog is tired in the mornings after we get out of bed, he will go to his crate on his own to sleep.
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When my 8 week old pup is ready for a nap I put him in his crate, but he immediately wakes up and starts whining and barking. Should I put him in for the recommended 30 minutes, wait until he's either sound asleep or calms down completely, before letting him out? I'd like him to go automatically into his crate when he's ready for a nap. I think that may be unlikely though because my other, 14 yr old dog (who was kept in a crate for 3 years straight outside before being rescued by an old couple who later gave him to me), naps wherever he pleases on the floor, so if my pup sees him, wouldn't he get jealous that this other dog is allowed to sleep wherever he wants?
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