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Dietary supplements?

My husky keeps on hurting her leg... her front right one to be exact.. she did it last summer, the vet said, give her rest.. well when this dog doesnt feel good, thats all she does, so no problem there.... she did whatever again in june.. she was limpin around the house, yelped it natalya ran into her at all.. was just cautious.... we gave her st joseph aspirin and it seemed to help.. well, she hurt herself yet again, on friday (i think).. we went to the vet today and she took x-rays... there is nothing wrong with hers bones at all.. even at almost 10, she has NO sign of arthritis or anything, which is very very good... so the vet thinks its a soft tissue injury and those you cant see on x-rays.. is there anything i can do? any supplements to help her from re-injuring this same leg? she eats very good food, gets excersize (not much but enough)... its not her joints, but at her age are there any dietary supplements i could give her? that would help her out for the rest of her life? shes been the best dog, always been healthy, rarely ever to the vet for problems.. so i wanna do the best i can for her... any suggestions would help!
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