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View Poll Results: Do you think that your dog recognizes you
By your face (obviously there is some sound involved, when they hear you call etc...) but have doubts? 1 7.14%
Do you think that your dog undoubtebly recognizes your face and knows "who you are"? 12 85.71%
Do you think it looks at your face only because sound comes from there? 0 0%
Do you think it is beyond the facilities to recognize faces? and they simply use other senses (including or not including sound). 1 7.14%
Voters: 14. You may not vote on this poll

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Talking Do you think. . .

Well, I was just wondering who thought their dogs knew them by FACE as "master" or what have you. However, do you think they look up b/c the sound is coming from above, OR that they know to focus on your face.

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Mine know everyone in our household by name and face as well as many of our close friends and family. I'm Mama...Shane is Daddy...the kids are their own mom is Nana...Shane's mom is Otome (O-tome-E), and they know most of our closest friends. When lots of people are over, if you tell them to, "Go get Chad" they'll run right to Chad and on him, look back at us, then start licking Chad's face....Yeah, they know Chad! They get REALLY excited when you say ANYTHING about Shane's mom Otome! She LOVES them! Has 5 pitties of her own at home! They also know her dogs each by name as well...You tell them to get Kasha, they get Kasha, you tell them to get Max, they get Max...etc...Kali's favorite is if you ask her if she wants to, "go see Merc" That's her boyfriend and Orion's dad! Orion doesn't like him much because Merc isn't fond of other males and neither is Orion, but Kali LOVES her Merc! She'll hop in the car and when I take her over there with me, she gets more and more excited the closer we get to their house! Yup, they associate names and faces...just as they associate bones to bones, and balls to balls, and frisbees to frisbees, and kongs to kongs! They know!! They just want you to 'think' they aren't that smart! That way they can play dumb when you tell them to get off the furniture
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Wacky Chimpnose
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my dogs both know my face and my voice.

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Tarzan Mama of Two
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My dog definently knows my face!!!! And my voice too!! But it's not just my voice that she knows...

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There's something about Dakota that makes me sure she looks up to focus on our faces. This is because sometimes, when we're having some "down time" she'll just walk up to me and look me in the eyes. I won't say anything, or move... I just look back at her. (And just in case she's ever doing it trying to be dominant over me, I've never looked away before her...) Sometimes, she flops down beside me or else she go and grab her tennis ball to make me play. When I'm about to feed her, I always make her sit down first, and she stares at me steadily as I prepare her meals on the counter. I'm sure she looks me in the eye because she knows that's part of communication.

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post #6 of 10 (permalink) Old 06-29-2004, 10:53 AM
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My dogs definately know me by face and voice.
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post #7 of 10 (permalink) Old 06-29-2004, 10:54 AM
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My dogs know who I am by my face, my voice, and my name. Someone can say "Mommy" or "Crystal" and they will look at me without me saying a word.
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I think my dogs know me by face but they also know me by sound and smell. They know the sound of my car even before I pull up. They even know the sound of the UPS truck and now do not bark or even get up when he pulls into the drive way. My dogs (and anyone else that owns pits probably) will notice that they make significant eye contact with their owners and will stare longer than most dogs without it being a dominance issue. They look deep into my eyes and I tell them that I love them they stare a little longer and then the 65lb a piece dogs try to sit in my lap or lick my face into oblivion. We had one dog in the shelter that loved to hear you talk to him and look at you. He would stare at you and lift his little ears and wait to hear what you would say. He knew who would give him the best conversation (okay so it was me) and watch me until I talked to him.
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post #9 of 10 (permalink) Old 06-29-2004, 11:26 PM
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snook knows my face, my voice without face, my smell, may car, my keys, my work, my desk! he knows all about his momma!
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post #10 of 10 (permalink) Old 06-30-2004, 01:50 AM
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Sandy does know my face and the faces of the people in my family... I'm sure of that.

I'm pretty darn sure he recognizes my voice too... haven't really seen much of this but I'm pretty sure he recognizes it anyways (he's more likely to respond to my voice when I tell him to sit than when my mom does, for instance )
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