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Doberman and German Shepherd qustions

I am thinking about getting a Doberman or German Shepherd but my biggest fear is that they will not get along with my 2 cats. I've never had big breeds before, only a beagle and a basset hound. Can anyone tell me anything, good or bad about these breeds? Are they social and friendly? Im sorry if I'm coming off as steriotypical. I dont judge any breed. I even love pitbulls. I just want to know for my cats sake. I love my babies and I want them to be safe. Thanks.
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Are you planning on getting a puppy, or rescuing? I'm no expert, by a long shot, but I'm pretty sure that if a puppy was reared with cats, whatever the breed, most would get on with them just fine. Don't just take my word for it, mind you...
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Yeah, i was thinking that too. I'll probably get a puppy mainly because when I called a shelter they said most dogs are strays and that makes it hard to know if their compatible because they dont know their history.
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Good luck, whatever you choose
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I had my two cats before I got my two dogs which where both puppies when I got them. My dogs are now 70 and 90 lbs and they get along well with the cats.
Back when I first got my cats I had a 95 lb dog and things worked out well also.
I do use caution, for instance my one dog doesn't like the one cat near her chewbone when she's chewing on it,things like that.
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Well, I have a German Shepard and he does fine with cats and he wasn't introduced to them until he was almost 2.

If you get a puppy, I agree it should be fine. Puppies are generally easier to acclimate to strange things. Not always though. You could also try to find a breeder who has cats!

I don't know much about Doberman's, but I do know they are very smart. I also know, like any breed you have to be VERY selective on where you get the puppy. Irresponsible breeders can lead you down a path of nothing but heartache. CTChin is the doberman expert, and i'm sure she'll give her 2 cents on it. If nothing else, you can pm her for her input.

German Shepards are wonderful dogs. BUT.... they are high maintenance. Shepards require a lot of brushing, and they need a good amount of activity. Shepards are smart, loyal, and protective.

If I had to pick, I'd pick a shepard but that's only because I don't know enough about Doberman's to bring that breed into my home at this time. Before buying any breed I suggest research, research, research....

Both breeds have genetic defects that parents should be tested for. All in all, its a tough choice. Good luck.
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