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Question Dog behaviour (or mis-behaviour!)

I'm studying pet behaviour and am interested to know what behaviour problems your dogs have (if any). I will eventually be publishing the results on my site and on here. It's just a brief poll but I'd love to hear your comments on anything you are experiencing. Thanks guys
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Loki has a dominance problem. We have been working with him on it but he still has issues. He can get very pushy when he gets excited and can try to demand attention by head butting or running around in circles at your feet (which means he is usually shoving you around).

He's also still learning how to behave (and listen to us) when he is around other animals, especially some dogs. He does very well with some though.

He's improved a lot with a lot of work but we still have a ways to go with him.

He also growls about everything but I am not sure that is a good or bad thing. He growls when he likes or dislikes things.
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My 20 month old border collie/pointer X is having some listening issues lately.. lol. She chooses not to listen to what we are asking of her. It seems like she goes through phases where for a few months she'll be super good but then for a few weeks she gets naughty and chooses what she wants to hear She's still a baby so more training should fix that right up soon enough
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Digging holes under the fence!!!!!!! My foster dog Kayla thinks that she can dig a hole and then wander the neighborhood before coming home to tear open any garbage bags that might be outside at the time!!!!!Grrrrr
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Rocky can be possessive...usually with bones or toys. He's not as bad as he used to be, though. He's also aggressive with small animals, such as rabbits. But I think that's mostly just instinct especially since he's a dachshund.

Sophie has anxiety problems but is improving .


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Charlotte sometimes sneaks onto the furniture (which she has never been allowed to do and she knows it) but we've gotten less strict these days. She's an old girl (she's an 11 year old Great Dane) and we spoil her like crazy. She's very well behaved most of the time though. She does hates strange men, smiley faces, and striped pyjamas though. We have no idea what triggered those but she completely spazzes out around any of them.
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thanks guys for all your answers. Its really interesting, keep em coming!
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my little yorkie is being very hard to work with, we have had her 5 years and we love her so much, but she has had alot of issues since day 1. She was born into a very bad situation and when we took her we knew she was going to have problems, I guess we just thought they would go away eventually lol...

she is still not fully potty trained, goes in her crate every single night...she acts as the dominate and constantly picks fights with the others, scared to death of people who are new (anyone whos not constant in her life) she hates to be indoors, will howl to go out, no matter the weather...she is so cute one on one, so I give her alot of that time...but we can not play with any dogs while she is in, she will attack them...we love our little girl and will continue to work on it all, but man I wish it was easier lol

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post #9 of 29 (permalink) Old 04-24-2006, 12:52 PM
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Daisy can be protective of her toys. (One of our dogs had to have stitches because of a tussle over a toy.) She also has a bad tendency when she's playing to not bother going around people and has knocked me over several times. Up until she turned 3 she was a holy terror. She ate two couches, two wing back chairs, three tables, tore up the carpet, chewed holes in the walls, and ate tons of electronic equipment. She's fortunately grown out of that.

Toby is still having housebreaking issues. He's a little over a year old now, so this shouldn't still be a problem. He's good about asking to go out if we're downstairs, but if there's no one around, he just goes in the dining room. We had to put in those removable carpet tiles. He also chases the kitty, although I have seen the kitty instigate it.
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Hmm... my mom's dog has possessive/aggression issues. You wouldn't know it until you've lived with him. We had to fight the shelter to give him to us because of these issues... he really didn't seem it at all but once he was around for a few months it finally started to show.
My Shepherd/Collie STILL has these excitement/distracted so I'm not going to listen to you moods. I'm just not sure what to do.

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Yes, Elvis Lee is almost 7 months old & is not 100% obedience trained yet. He ususally will not come when called, won't always drop an item like a stick when I tell him to etc. We are starting obedience classes May 31st. Have any of you had a lot of success in OB classes? I've read a lot about positive reinforcement training & I'm trying but being a first time puppy mommy, I'm not totally successful, which is why I signed up for the classes.
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Although I teach my dogs basic obedience myself, I still like taking them to classes for part of their socialization.
Usually when I have a puppy, they know their basics by the time we get into a it's like a second phase of training: learning how to interact with a number of people/dogs AND learning how to ignore them all while following commands.
I am very big on basic obedience as a start to having a sound dog. Not having all basics down at 7 months isn't bad at all. He's a cutie btw!
As fas as behavioural problems..
I have a Rat Terrier/Chihuahua that has an issue with having her toenails cut. Was a little iffy the first time I did her nails , years ago, when I was a vet tech and she was a "drop off".. but has gotten worse over the years. She will use such defences as biting,scratching, and urinating..besides ear piercing screeching.
We have to wrap her in a towel..and go outside so she does'nt get pee all over the house, and my husband holds her while I trim.
The other dog I have with issues is a Lab/Rottie mix that came through a rescue I used to be with. She was abused,severely. She is a normal dog around me..semi normal around my husband..but anyone else and she's very timid. That, and some separation issues..and she will scale a chain link fence so she has to be taken out on long line.
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I have a four year old Bullmastiff, Ollie. He is prone to misbehaving at times. We recently got some Degus and since thier arrival he has torn apart all of his bedding, ripped to shreds, every single thing I put in his bed. I know it's jealousy so I don't actually know if I would call it a behavioural problem, maybe just a short term thing ( I really hope so). The mad thing is, when he wants to get into the bed, he cries because his bedding is gone, which results in me giving him more blankets. It's become a viscious circle and is driving me crazy.
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my dog used to kill kittens when he was a puppy but now hes really good with them and has learned to be really gental and not lick them to death (LITTERLY he licked them to death) he is petrafied of getting brushed, combed, or if i am brushing my hair. He loves going to the corn feild and picking corn to eat peals it and everything


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Stella, my Great Dane, has TONS of problems. Mostly she is defiant. She KNOWS sit, stay, etc but sometimes will just ignore me. She also is ADHD, in that she has the shortest attn span EVER. She is very distractable.

She has also had problems with eating, peeing in her sleep, having 'panic attacks', etc.
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