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We had two 7 year old indoor dogs. I separated from my husband and adopted a 1 year old and 4 year old. We got back together in October and now have 4 big dogs. We've had 3 bloody fights and have resorted to a muzzle for the 7 year old female who keeps attacking the 4 year old female (who won't back down but hasn't done any damage to the larger 7 year old). We are going out of town Christmas morning and will have friends and relatives taking care of the pets but I don't want these people to have to deal with this dangerous situation. WHAT CAN I DO? I want to give away the 7 year old but it would have to be a good home, we've had her since she was 6 months old. We live in Tallahassee. Is there's anyone out there who would love an alpha female who loves pets of all shapes and sizes except other alpha female dogs. Please help me!
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why would you get rid of the 7 year old if youve had her for so long? why not get rid of the younger one? is it because you think oh well shes probably gonna die soon anyway? or cant you like get some kind of like medication or something to calm her down?

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Could you maybe consult a behavioralist or a trainer?
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I agree with Millimi... many behavioral issues can be solved with the right kind of help.
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That's a tough one. People often assume it is the males that are most aggresssive with each other when actually it is the females you have to watch out for. Considering blood is already being drawn, It is going to be a very dangerous situation. You definitely need professional help and then there are no guarantees.

Since you got the 4 year old female after the 7 year old and it is younger and probably easier to place, why don't you try to find that one a good home.
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Dog Fight Help Responses

Thank you so much for your responses. The reason we don't want to get rid of the newer dog, who is being attacked, is two-fold. The main reason is because she went immediately straight to our hearts when we adopted her. You feel loved just being looked at by her. When she wags her tail because you've looked at her or said her name (Fiona) her whole body wags. The second reason is she was at the animal shelter for a long time and was about to be euthanized. She is a boxer/pit bull mix.
The older female (Bianca), a shepher/yellow lab mix is both extremely nurturing and very rude with all of the dogs. She licks all of their eyes and mouths and then a little while later will growl or bark loudly at them at the water bowl.
I think are only hope is professional intervention or finding a home for Bianca. Can anyone recommend anyone in or near Tallahassee?
My email is [email protected]
Thank you
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how long have you had the 7 yr old and how long have you had the 4 yr old? the dog that has been with you longer (if there is a big difference in the amount of time you've had both of them) is going to be extremely confused as to why you are giving her up after so much time.
i think that rehoming should be your LAST option. it just doesn't sound like you've exausted all other options. yes, rehoming is quick once you find a home, but is it best for the dog?

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While I agree it is sad to rehome one of the dogs, I'm willing to bet that without tons of work with someone experienced, that poor 4 year old dog is going to get it bad sooner or later. Arguments like this rarely stop on there own.
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Hmmm this is a tough one. I'd hate to see either of the dogs harmed, emotionally or physically and I know you have a soft spot for both of them which is what is causing this dilemma for you in the first place.

First -- There is likely no way you are going to resolve this issue by Christmas. If there really is a plural on the "friends and relatives" that will be taking care of the pets while you are gone, please consider leaving one of the dogs with someone separate from the other dogs to ensure no one even has the chance of acting out.

Separation for safety is the first task that needs to be accomplished...even before you leave. Muzzling for long periods of time can be hard on a dog. Keeping them in separate rooms even should be much simpler on the dogs providing none of them are left alone for long periods of time. They all need your love and affection equally of course.

Two alpha females who have not "figured it out" after three fights is a scary situation but the older dog is going to have a much more difficult time finding a home. A behaviorist may be able to see something you are missing. Possibly it's a certain toy, bowl, location, action, or look that's causing the trouble and if you can pinpoint that then you may be able to resolve the problem rather quickly.

I don't have answers for you...but I do sympathize with your situation. I hope something works out no matter what you decide. The goal is the safety of you and each of the dogs. For the immediate situation..especially while you are away, please consider separating them completely.
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Thank you Deb, I think you're right about needing to separate them before we go on our trip. I will try to arrange it today. The only constant we have in the fighting siutation is that we are always home when they get into it. The very first fight was outside in our fenced back yard and the 7 year old MALE (Frances) assisted by biting her legs really badly while Bianca was at her throat. The other two fights were just Bianca and Fiona in our living room. We, our kids are 9 and 11, were eating or getting ready to eat. The house was smelling really good. We don't give the dogs food scraps since the new dogs arrived. We used to let Frances and Bianca lick the plates.
Thanks for listening.
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Don't take offense but your dogs are fighting because they do not you as a clear alpha leader. Perhaps your older dog is alpha of the dog pack and you are unwittedly given the younger girl more attention and causing a disruption in the pack. First and foremost, however, they need a good pack leader.

Some helpful articles: (please still get professional help and be careful of some of the hands on exercises):

I think after reading through the articles, you will get a general idea of what you are and aren't doing wrong. It doesn't necessarily mean this problem WILL be resolved but it is a starting point.

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