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doggy abuse in my own home

My parents bought our Cocker Spaniel when I was six, and our Weimaraner when I was eight. Our Doberman died when I was seven. He was our favorite dog, the perfect dog, but he died of heart failure while we had a dog sitter babysitting him while we were in Florida. I don't think I'll ever forget being so happy to see him, and hugging him... then him coughing up blood with my arms around his neck...
Since Max died, Emmie (the spaniel) and Missy (the weimaraner) have been neglected. Emmie used to get frequent grooming, never missed an appointment. Missy used to be loved. Now, both the dogs spend all their time in their crates, except twice a day to eat, drink, and go outside. Being so young, I never saw a problem with it, and being raised with it, I never questioned it... until recently.
Here I am, seventeen years old with medicated shampoo on my hands and soap suds still in my hair. Why? I was washing both the dogs, for the first time in months. After extensive hours watching Animal Cops and researching animal abuse, I've finally come to the conclusion that our dogs aren't in the greatest of shape. No, they're not underweight or excessivly matted, I groom Emmie myself now with my horse's whisker clippers. Emmie's eleven now, Missy's eight.
Emmie's got tiny little tumors all over her, Missy lost all her fur due to lymphatic problems. Our vet refuses to see her because we owe a $100 payment on our $800 surgery for our cat. My parents don't want to pay for either, and I've decided I want to change the conditions of our dogs and end the cycle of neglect before it's too late.
Now, all that stands in my way is employment and a steady income... and my parents. This is why I'm asking for help... I need help convincing my parents the dogs would be better off uncrated all day, only at night if extremely necessary. The part that I can't exactly piece together is our cats are adored and loved, in perfect condition and ready to spend any amount of money on them to keep them so. Our dogs are shoved out of the way, and when I asked why we keep them if we don't care about them, my parents answered they didn't want to get rid of them, either. I'm stuck between a hard place and a rock. I know if I get employed and I can meet the vet bills, things will look up for their health, but what about the crating?
Another problem is, Emmie, the cocker spaniel, is deaf. Since she has tumors on top of that, will they simply put her down, or would they treat her? And would I, as a seventeen year old on minimum payment, be able to meet the bills for the surgery to remove those tumors? The tumors are no bigger than my pinky fingernail, I noticed them when I gave her a full-body clip.

I know this is long, and that you'll all agree my family and I are horrible people, but I really want to make a difference here and now. I really want to help my dogs, because even if my parents and brothers don't love them or care what's going on, I do.
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First of all, wow.
Second of all, it's not your fault you were raised to beleive it was ok to treat dogs like such-it only means that your parents are not only neglectful of the care for the dogs but also neglectful to the care of their (daughter?). No mature adult would consider barring up a live animal all day as completly normal nor ok. There is no justifiable excuse to treat any animal this way. So kudo's to you for realizing this.
Also, maybe your parents are simply tired of caring for them because the 'favorite' dog is no longer around. But they should realise that it isnt the dogs' fault that the other one died. THey certainly didnt ask to be shoved up all day.
About the vet bill, could you take the dogs to another vet? They really really should see one. If you take on a part time job , because Im suspicious that at your age your in school, you may make about 200$ or so bi weekly. Thats about how much I made when I was 17. So if you could convince the vet , once you give them 100$, that you have a job and will be able to make minimum payments maybe they will help you out. Another idea would be to fundraise for yourself. Bake sale, yard sale, write or draw something to sell...The endless road of possibilities.
No, the vet shouldnt put the Spaniel down. Chances are whatever she has can be treated. Unless it's far more severe than it looks but that can only be determined with blood work.
Ok, so the crating? Crating isnt cruel in it;s own since dogs generally sleep in 'dens' and the crate substitutes this. But it should never be used excessively or as a means of housing, nor punishment. The point of the crate is for the dog to have his 'own' space where he can go when he wants to be alone or to sleep and also to keep him from tearing the place apart when he's alone, for general protection. Also, they say not to close him in..Ever. According to SPCA and Humane Societies it is considred cruel abuse and neglect to house dogs or any animal in such a way. Dog's especially are social animals and NEED to be with a 'pack'. Mental stability is dependant upon the bonds they share within their pack. Here's some links to random sites stating cases or bylaws on crating,

I hope everything works out! If your parents don't do anything still and you are unable to cope with the pending bills and therefore the health of the dogs, I recommend re-homing them so at least they can live their senior years in happiness and open freedom.
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The "tumors" dosen't have to be anything.
Many old dogs will get these "fat lumps", and it dosen't hurt them in any way.
If it's truly tumors, and they are all over your dog, she will not be able to do much, and just look sick.


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I've dog-proofed my room and the spaniel's in there with me now, she usually isn't in the kennel unless someone else puts her in when i'm not around. she's aloud out at night and during the day but only in my room, i have food and water for her 'cause my parents would flip if i let her downstairs. I'm planning on rearranging my room so I can get Missy in here, too.
The dogs were both outside most of the day until Emmie peed in the house. The thing is, she'd just peed outside and didn't even squat in the house. My mom said when dogs get older, their bladders leak, and she put Emmie upstairs in the crate so she wouldn't have to deal with it. Is that normal, or a health problem?
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Whats NOT normal is your mom's behavior! Have HER checked out. God, its a dog she neglected and now there's circumstantial health problems. Please see a vet..
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Can't you seek some vet advice? they may be able to help you deal with all this. You should not have to deal with this at 17!
Please seek professional help for the circumstances your in hun!
Good luck

Rip Novo, Mummy Loves You x
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dog abuse help

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