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Ear licking?

My lab has an ear infection. It's fairly common for him this is the second one he's had since we've had him. (Six months.) I've taken him to the vet and I have a cleaner and a steroid drop to put in his ears every night, my only problem is that my puppy keeps liking the inside of his ears.

Is this safe? I don't want him to get sick from ingesting the steroid drops.
Any ideas on how to get him to stop? I've tried using the 'leave it' command but it only gets him to leave it alone for a few minutes and then he goes back to licking Nelix's ears.
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our lab had horrible ears, we used otimax (sp?) that worked pretty well, he still had to have surgery though

Our dogs seem to get health problems that are the worse things our vet has ever seen... Our lab had the worse ears ever, and then he got a stomach virus our vet had only heard about and said it was like a 1 in a mil chance... yep lucky dog, and our other has the worse genetics every for his hips... its sad.

Labs are very prone to having ear issues i hope you get it figured out soon. Ask your vet about otamax


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It's not the ear infection I'm worried about. He has hay fever (like me) so in the spring and the fall he gets a minor ear infection if we catch it soon. If we don't it's a huge problem (He had a really bad one when we first got him because his previous owners ignored it.) If I'm consistent with cleaning and steroid drops it goes away in a week or two.

I'm mostly concerned about our younger dog, Rags, licking Nelix's ears.
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Did you read the medicine bottle (or tube, etc)? Usually it says something about "keep away from children and pets" and "do not ingest" if it's toxic. There is often a phone number that you can call on the label for questions. I'd do that or give the vet a call.

I've never used ear medicines on my dogs, but does it dry up after a while? If it does, you could try separating the two until it dries at least. There are bitter apple sprays and tea tree oil sprays that will deter dogs from licking. I've had good luck with the tea tree oil ones. Maybe if you sprayed the outside of Nelix's ears, Rags wouldn't want to lick them anymore.


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I agree. I don't think that ingesting the drops is a good idea. But, if the drops are administered a long while before your other dog licks, then maybe he's not getting it on his tongue.

I used to have this issue with one of my dogs. Chronic ear infections aren't good and can even affect hearing over time. So, figuring out the bottom line reason and preventing the problem is a better solution.

What I found is that the higher the grain content in the dog food, the more likely the ear infections. I did not realize that the grain or carbohydrates in the food actually turn to sugars in your dog's system and this, in turn, feeds the yeast in his system and it becomes out of control. I have done a ton of research on this because of my one dog.

I found that when I fed a high meat dog food, it really helped. And then I started adding a product called Carnoyum. It's all natural and I add it to his food. I am using Nutro right now but have used other foods with the main ingredients of meat with the same good results. I add 3 tablespoons of the carnoyum to his food every day cuz he weighs 30 lbs. and just recently started him on a an omega fatty acid supplement called Supromega and it has transformed his ears and actually, his skin and coat too.

I really think that I have solved a problem that could have been a life long issue. My "college" dog had this same problem and ended up at the vet many times and eventually had the surgery. But, I didn't understand nutrition at all and I know that I bought his food based on price...so he was probably on an all corn and grain diet. No wonder the poor guy had ear problems.

I think the bitters sprayed on the ears is a good idea but tea tree oil can cause health problems if a lot is ingested too.
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