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Ear Problem in Doggies.

Today I woke up to find that my Doxie had something on her ears. I took a long look at it and noticed it was a crust on the tips of her ears. In addition to that, when I rubbed the spot with the crust, some of her hair came out.

I called the vet immediately, and he gave me a topical lotion to put on her ears. She has something called, Mange. it is a bacteria from water, that can get on the tips of the ears, when they drink their water, or from a puddle outside. But, mange can be cured. It forms a crusty build on the skin and when the skin is irritated then the animal may lose some hair from it

My Doxie is in a lot of pain and keeps wanting to itch her ears. Like a child with chicken pox.

Anyone ever experience mange on their animals? Does anyone have a suggestion on how to make her more comfortable and avoid her from scratching?
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We see mange a lot at the vet's office....usually we treat it with a special solution (can't think of the name, starts with an "M") We soak them down with it and let them air dry. It usually helps. You could ask your vet for a "Cone" or go buy one at pet smart. It looks like a satallite dish on their heads but it keeps them from scratching until it's all healed up. Word of caution though...dogs with cones on their heads become quite clumsy and depending on the size of the dog, fairly destructive as it gets caught up on EVERYTHING!
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ChinChilla_Girl: Thank you so much about the Cone suggestion. I still have hers from when she was spayed. She hated it, but did not even think of using it during her mange problem. That is a great idea.

Well, this topical solution is like a liquid. I forgot what it is called, but I think it starts with an M. I have to put it on three times a day, and let is soak into her ears. The vet said he was going to try this first, because it was only on her ears. But, if it spreads then we would have to ssak her in something. It is probably the same thing you are talking about. Thank you so much.
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Wish Us Luck

April has to go to the vet again today. She is still suffering with this crusty film on her ears. It now is very painful for her. She cries all the time. The vet wants to see her. I am so scared for her. First, because she is in so much pain and second because she is so uncomfortable. She did not eat much this week, and she is hardly very playful. I am hoping that the doctor has a quick cure and she will be better. But, I am fearful that the vet might come around and say it something bigger than we think. I am very worried. The appointment is today at 6:00. I keeping looking at the clock, closely, so I can get her there asap. I am so worried that she might have something seriously wrong. Wish Us Luck!
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I am sorry your babies are having ear problems. I can only assume the mange your babies have is sarcoptic mange caused by the scabies mite? Here is a link that you may find interesting and good luck with them both. Try to calm down because this mange is usually easier to cure than demodectic mange.

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