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Fed UP! and also and update on the new pup!

Ok so you probably all know by now that one of our dogs, Missy is a saint bernard, a very big saint bernard. Now I love taking the dogs for walks but I have had it up to here with her. I badly want to get a halti but do not have the money to with moving right now, I have tried slip chains and pinch collars, to no avail, many people have asked if they are placed correctly and as I've told them I had a girl I know who does 4-h and helps her mom train dogs show me how to place both collars. Neither work with her, she pulls until she is choking herself. Even on a flat collar she pulls until she is choking herself. In the end she drags me around and at times catches me off gaurd and trips me.

Now normally I take my 5 month old DD with me in her carrier which is where I am concerned. Missy has almost brought us both tumbling down and I just cannot trust taking her on walks while I have my DD with me. I want to be able to walk her and feel in control. I act as boss but she seems to challenge it. I don't know what to do, I had someone suggest making my own halti but I don't know what materials I would need or even where to start so I don't think it would be the best idea in the world. I know how to make collars and leashes but when it comes to something like the halti...I'm lost.

If I cannot gain control I am afraid I won't be able to walk her, the last time I did walk her (a couple days ago) I didn't take DD and she acted 10 times worse then normal and almost pulled us out in the middle of a busy road then later pulled me down and I hurt my ankle. She's not a bad dog, honestly but I don't understand what I am doing wrong. I KNOW how to teach a basic heal, I always make her sit-stay at the door and walk out before her but once we are out of the yard BOOM! Nothing seems to work. I have wrapped the leash up to make it short in the past and again she pulls until she's choking. This is not what I want.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Now instead of posting two different threads I also thought I would update on Bailey!

She is such a bright little pup and I really love her attitude, she has a lot of spunk but at the same time she is laid back and well behaved. Wish she would influence the other three. Anyhow 3 days after I got her she started warming up to my SD, she hasn't growled at him once since that first day. She has sat in his lap and even gave kisses, such a good girl. Now we do a newspaper route so here's what I've been doing about the paper thing!

We always have an extra newpaper so I've been rolling them up with treats in them and letting her tear in, it seems to have worked and now that big bad paper don't hurt her no more. She thinks it's play time when she see's papers now. Good...she only plays with them when I allow her to though...VERY GOOD. She has made fast progress, I'm very impressed
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Some pet stores sell Halti's for as little as $18 - I'd check ebay too, I'm sure you could get one for cheaper. They are SO worth it. I wouldn't use anything else!
I've used them on my headstrong sheltie and now on my Border Collie pup. The MINUTE I put the halti on her she knows its business time and she better listen to me. She immediately takes the hyperness down about 5 notches.
Some people tried to tell me to get one of those harnesses that are the anti jump ones or whatever but with the halti pulling their nose it curbs their behavior immediately. The no-jump halter thing doesn't curb it - if you pull the nose, the head and body follow.

You could try getting some rope at the hardware store and make a halti out of the - I'd get the plasticy rope so its not too rough on their skin.

I would REALLY work with her on heeling by your side. They really can't pull AS much if they only have a tiny bit of leash and are along your side. Keeping the leash short really gives you ALOT more control.
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Head halters are the way to go...

I have had a couple of dogs that were real problems to walk. I had tried the choke chains too. But I tried the head halters and I absolutely love them!!! It may take a little bit of training for the dog to get used to them too, but they usually contain instructions on how to get them used to them pretty quickly. Don't give up on them too quickly. If you let the dog get his nose out of it, then he will take off on you, but if you have control of his nose, you have control of his whole body. My bulldog now sees me grab his halter and he immedialty sits down for me to put it on him. He knows that is what I will make him do when I put it on him first thing anyway. If you have a routine when you put it on him, he will also learn from that too and it will make putting it on and taking it off easier. When I take it off of my dogs, I tell them "release", as I have a fenced yard and that is generally where I take it off. That way, if I take it off somewhere else, they know not to just jump up and run off in case I need to put a regular leash on. I do this occasionally also just for practice. (I take them to my parents farm at times and I like to leave a leash on them, just in case.)
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my friend used something called a gentle leader with her one dog that was really bad at pulling her and nothing worked with that dog until she tried that.

I'm so glad to hear about Bailey. I knew she would come around. Most abused dogs realize quickly that they are in a much better situation and start showing you how grateful they are.
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E-bay has everything,I am sure you could find a halti for pretty cheap! I heard they are really greyt and work wonders for pulling dogs.I have never used one before tho.

I am glad to hear that little Bailey is doing so much better!

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How about this collar recommended by the Dog Whisperer himself......

Cesar Millan - Illusion Dog Collar & Leash Set

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I personally would never use a halty or a gentle leader, I've seen too many owners used them wrong and injuring their dogs unintentionally, also if you are ever caught out somewhere with out your "tool" what are you going to do? These devices don't teach your dog to walk nicely, they just keep them from pulling... sometimes. Can I give you some loose leash walking advise? (you may have tried everything I'm about to say, but If not, it can help)
Walking with young large dogs can and usually is frustrating and difficult. First off, put off walking her for exercise, have her play games and practice obedience for that, perhaps teach her to fetch, yes, even dogs who are not 'retrievers" can fetch. If you need a walk, leave her at home, that way neither of you get frustrated. Once you've set aside your 'training time' take her out side. Wait for her to calm.. be prepared to sit and wait for 10 mins or until she'll pay attention to you outside. If she's still looking around, excited, noticing everything but you, shes NOT ready to go anywhere. Your first session may even be just standing outside. Praise her when she looks at you, give her a nice meaty yummy treat (like a piece of hot dog or something, hot dog is much yummier and smellier than dry biscuits) Once you are able to go outside with her, and she's calm, call her name, when she looks at you say "lets go" and take ONE step. Give her a treat and reward her while shes still by your side. Do it again. and again... don't worry about getting far from home, remember the further you go, the further back. Once she gets the hang of one step on a loose leash make it two... After she's on a loose leash with two steps, add in a turn towards her. While walking (providing she's on a loose leash) talk to her a praise her, while she's doing it right. Watch her body language, like ear perks, and where she's looking, any sign that her attention has changed, stop. You want to end the walking successfully. Remember, take your time, shes learning too. Eventually when she's got the two step, you can add in a few more, and a few turns to keep her attention. If you are consistent with what you are doing she will learn, just take your time, and be patient! I hope I've been of some help!
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we use just regular harnesses with our dogs...it took alot to properly leash train but we did it lol...but before we even tried a leash out of the yard we taught them focus exercises...to make sure we could get their attention...we also turn and walk the opposite way when they pull and did that alot till they got tired of it and just walked with us lol...

good luck

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Originally Posted by HappyDancer View Post
we use just regular harnesses with our dogs...it took alot to properly leash train but we did it lol...but before we even tried a leash out of the yard we taught them focus exercises...to make sure we could get their attention...we also turn and walk the opposite way when they pull and did that alot till they got tired of it and just walked with us lol...

good luck
That is a great idea! turning around when the dog pulls simply puts him back behind/beside you.
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