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Feeding Time!

Feeding the dogs this morning, I realized it was pretty representative of each dog's personality. Just wondering if anyone else has ever noticed this?

Getting food into the bowls- everyone excited-

Sirius lets out a woowoowoo,

Natalie pogos- only she's too fat to get off the ground now so she just sort of half-pogos

Hogan sits cocking his head at the sound of food hitting the bowl

Pagan is turning in circles.

Everyone is then required to sit- so they are all lined up and can be fed without everyone rushing the first bowl and getting into a fight.

Sirius is already in place anticipating what comes next,

Natalie still Pogoing until after a long hard look she sits beside Sirius,

Hogan sits, stand, sits, stands, sits, stands- maybe this time I will call him first- even though I've always gone down the line by age. He sits still finally, but his jaw is quivering in anticipation.

Pagan is running all around, turning circles, making everyone wait forever before she finally sits. She can't sit in line. She sits on the sofa. Good enough. Still working on her.

Sirius is called first- Hogan starts forward, too- no, Hogan- wait. Sit. Sirius binkies across to his food commences to eat

Natalie is next- Hogan starts forward again- no, Hogan- wait. Sit. Natalie come. Natalie food. Natalie come eat. Natalie still sitting. I pull Natalie by the collar in the right direction. She sits at the bowl. Just sits.

Hogan's turn- oh boy! He is eating before the bowl hits the floor

Pagan meanwhile is finally in the floor where she should be. She is turning in circles, sitting, turning in circles, sitting. I give her the bowl- she doesn't notice- still turning in circles and sitting.

Natalie, eat. Natalie looks at me out of the top of her head. She is not impressed. This food sucks.

Pagan notices food, grabs three bites, heads for sofa. Down, Pagan. Here- eat at your bowl. She comes to grab three more pieces.

Sirius chomping away

Hogan chomping away

Natalie whimpers and lays down by the bowl, knocks bowl out of the way with her nose.

Pagan grabs three pieces out of Natalie's bowl- heads for the sofa. Down Pagan. No eating on the sofa.

Sirius stops eating long enough to smile at me. He's being good. Good boy, Sirius.

Pagan grabs three pieces from Hogan's bowl. Heads for the chair this time. Down, Pagan. Shake her bowl. This is your food. Eat at your bowl.

Natalie still pouting, cutting her eyes at me. This food sucks.

Sirius stops to smile at me again. Yes, Sirius, you are a good boy.

Pagan takes this opportunity to snitch three pieces from Sirius' bowl.

Sirius looks wounded. He would have snapped at Hogan or Natalie for that but this abuse from Pagan he just endures much like when Titus wants to climb on him. Sirius chanting to himself- 'Don't eat the little ones. Don't eat the little ones' He gobbles the rest of his food before Pagan can return.

Hogan is full. Hogan goes to scratch on Ginia's door. He hasn't seen her in five minutes and he's about to have a meltdown. Hush, Hogan. She's sleeping. I let him in anyway.

Sirius is done. He flops by the door so he will be first in line when it is time for walks

Pagan still grazing on all the bowls. Three pieces at a time. She has stopped trying to get on the sofa, settles for under the end table.

Natalie has sinced flopped on her side and let out a big sigh. This food sucks. It is depressing.

I gather the bowls, poor all the leftovers into one. Sit it by Nattie. Eat Nattie. She lolls her head back, avoiding eye contact. I could not have insulted her any worse.

I leave the room, Pagan follows with three pieces of food she then eats under my desk. After some time, I hear crunching. Natalie is eating now that no one can see her. Pagan jumps into my chair with me, goes to sleep. More crunching. Marathon water drinking. The sofa springs scream as Natalie flops down on it.

Everyone is fed. Yay. Next come the walks....
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hehe, thats funny, my dogs don't eat when they are given food, they pick at it unless they are starving, they used to gobble it down, but not anymore,
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LOL, what funny story! Your dogs are just too funny. 8)
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We have the same story every feeding time.

Ein (aka piggy boy, aka hungry mouth) salivates and drips spit all over the floor while I get there bowls ready. Sits as close to you as possible. Guarding the food bin. As soon as his bowl is on the floor, he's at it. Finishes eating at the speed of light. We wonder if he can even taste it. Sometimes he eats so quickly that he moves his bowl and has to follow it around the kitchen.

Tucker: Sits or stands in the kitchen. Waits for me to get his bowl ready. Put the bowl down and he looks at it. Not impressed. Looks at you. Waits to see if he is going to get anything better. As soon as you turn around or start to walk away, he knows that this is all his will get for dinner, so he eats. Eats slowly, careful to chew every bite.

Ein: When Tucker finishes eating, Ein rushes over to make sure that Tucker didn't miss a piece. If there's anything left, he wants to make sure he gets it. Sometimes licks Tucker's bowl for good measure- even though it's always empty.
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Cute story. We just free feed our dogs so we don't have anything like that but its cute how they act. You must be a good trainer.

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That's so cute!
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I love the stories. Mine are not as entertaining when it comes to food. Belle has started demanding she get fed in the family room. About 4 steps from the old place. I have a feeling that Frankie was beginning to intimidate her and not let her eat. He would never really do anything but Belle stopped eating next to him. For breakfast I have to feed Belle on a plate or she will bark at me. Yet dinner she will eat out of her bowl. She is beginning to get some oddities now that she is 2.

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I used to free feed- but always turned out that the ones that need to eat more don't and the ones that need to eat less ate all the time. Then I went through the thing with putting Pagan in the bedroom, letting the boys outside and dropping nattie's food in the den before going out to block the two boys from fighting over their food. It really wasn't hard to teach them to eat together peacefully- they can all sit, they can all wait for treats, etc- just made sense to make them relax and wait for their food, too. Well- not everyone is relaxed but MORE relaxed than before at least. LOL

I feed the dogs in the den for two reasons- the cats are eating in the kitchen and the den has enough floorspace to spread them all out.
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Cute story!

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