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Smile Foster dogs?

Howdee! Some folks may reconginze me from other places on the net and I believe I was a member here long ago. But anyways. "hi!"
I was looking thru the posts and was wondering if anyone else here does Foster Dog or volunteer work?
I just in the past year have volunteered (well they suckered me into it by my bleeding , lol.. ) for an all kill shelter in my area. Yup.. all kill..they hold the dogs for 4-7 days depending on wether it came in with a collar or not and drag them down to the old fashioned gas chamber
I have also been working with a (great) trainer for the , gez, almost two years now for my own problematic dog, so now I think my volutneer group thinks I am "problematic dog central"
But it is challenging and the reward of seeing something come in and seeing it start to come around is amazing.
I would love to hear other peoples stories of fostering, helping, and even adopting of dogs.
I will post more about mine and of course pictures too (I am a picture freak, I can spend forever looking at peoples posts and pictures!)
Happy Tail Waggin Daze!
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Ok.. I will
I have a few fosters here,
one is little CopperTop.
CopperTop was surrendered in November ..but unfortnutaly had to go back to her "home" and then re surrendered on Dec.31st!
Just after we all figured we lost her forever.
CopperTops story is ,
she was born June 24 2004. And according to neighbors , was chained outside on a choke chain sometime in July
The neighbors helped in feeding of her and tried the first time to get her into rescue, but lacking the proper signatures, and even after the owners had stated they were going to shoot her, we had to give her back when they threatened to call the police and animal control... *UGH*
And too they wanted her and a dog house.. (right).
Well we figured that Animal Control WAS aware of what was going on and now was going to keep an eye on the dog , and ask the people if they had licensed her and had proof of rabies, etc.. which might lead them to resurrendering the dog.
But the case was shuffled off...and so were our hopes of gaining the lil sad dog back.
We sent her back, (minus dog house) with a new collar and the pleading to not put a choke back on her (it was already embedded in her fur, her neck would of been next).

And as you guessed.. the did bring her inside..but in a house full of 4 young kids and a dog that really was afraid of the world I think they realized that their hands were more than full, and called and said "come pick her up or we are bringing her into the pound" ,
CopperTop is said to be a pitty mix and the pound would of put her down that day.

So............... I went and scooped her up from a not so nice looking enviroment.. ok it was awful.

CopperTop has some issues I am working thru.. but she has come around ALOT and is doing extremly well for all she has been through.

Her name was not CopperTop but Precious.. which we felt needed to go (especially since the first time I met her she was a raging growling shell of the dog she would become.. calling THAT "precious" was just funny)

But here she is!!! awwww what a face.. huh!
she is tiny at about 34 pounds, is she a pitty mix? Probably, but looks more like a Besjenji with a voice..hahaha.

She is doing great on her potty training (finally) and her fears, she no longer meets strangers growling and lunging..but with a wagging tail and curious face! Gooooo CopperTop!
She still has a way to go.. but I think she is overcoming alot and have high hopes that we can get her rehomed pretty soon!
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I'm glad you were able to rescue CopperTop! I would love to do some foster work someday, but we need our own house for that first. I'm limited in how many animals I'm allowed to have, and when we finally can afford to move out of here, it will be to an apartment, with pet limits.

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awww Copper Top is beautiful. Its such a wonderful thing you do.

Glad to see you here on PT
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Red face

You are doing a great job! Copper Top is beautiful!
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Thank you. It is fun to see a dog turn around.. She still has a ways to go as I said.. And hope I can keep her on the right track and into her forever home FAST as we can.
I have rescued her now twice from he** :0( and I think she sees me as her SAVIOUR and has those love bug eyes .. argh.. haha.
I tried to get her into another foster home, but we are all over full.. so she is still here..

goooo CopperTop!! :0)
she is a funny little dog, and smart too!
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animal control, potty train, potty training

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