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Question Fox Terrier Help!!

I have a 2 year old fox terrier ("terror") named Maxusha. He's Russian bred and we currently live in Moscow, Russia. Whenever I walk him outside (on the leash, of corse!) he runs and barks after any person who walks, runs or rides (on a bike) by. He's not agressive or anything. I mean, he's not going to attack anyone. He's never bit a stranger in his life! He's just curious and want's to meet any one he can. He LOVES strangers and only wants to play!! Well, a few days ago, he tried to 'indroduce' himself to a Militsioner (Policeman) who then informed me that we had to keep a muzzle on him beacuse he was a 'danger to society'. Ehem, Max weighs 7 kilos by the way. He's just a little fox terrier!! What's he going to do? Bite a persons little toe off? We walk him on a choker chain. We used to own two rotties and it's not like we havn't leash trained him. He's fine untill sumone walks,runs or rides by. I'll jerk the chain when he runs after someone, but it doesn't stop him barking untill the person is out of site or stop him making enough racket to wake the dead! I know FT are energetic and they were bred as hunting dogs so it's their instint to chase, but I'd really hate to have to muzzle him outside. Any advice?
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I reccomend using a "halter". I've got a Rat Terrier named Scout who is the sweetest, most passive thing at home, but if you take him outside, suddenly he thinks he's a Doberman or something. The halter doesn't stop him from whining or wanting to meet people, but he's much more managable and if I walked him everyday he would probably be a perfect little walker! (My family moved to an area without any sidewalks, but he gets his excersize by playing with our Min Pin/Chihuahua puppy). Scout hated the choke collar, and it made no difference in his behavior.

So get a halter and try it out! It should make a huge difference. I'm sure you can find one somewhere! Good luck! ^_^
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We used to use a halter on him when he was a puppy and too small for a choker. I always though he wouldn't learn proper leash training if we continued using it. I will definately switch back to it now!
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It's worth a second try! ^__^ Good luck!
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I definately wouldn't recommend walking such a small dog with a chocker. One tug that happens to pull the wrong way, and it could break his neck.

Try some training techniques to get him used to distractions. It will take time and patience but will work wonders.

First try just standing outside with him on a leash. Have someone walk by you. When he reacts, gently correct him and reward him when he does what you ask. When he gets good at "dealing" with the person, have them walk by you at a closer range. Continue like that until they can walk right next to you with no reaction from him.
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I recommend a head leash. It's very helpful.
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