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Frozen Doggie Paws...advice please

Hi...I have a border collieX (6yrs). It's suddenly turned very cold here with some snow. First time out in it and she could hardly walk after only a few minutes. I tried boots, but no go there. I've cut the in-between the pad hair level with her pads, but she still suffers. Is there anything else you can recommend?

Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember something about vaseline or some kind of goop on her pads. But that doesn't make much sense to me as far as traction goes.

We're not outside very long, but she has to be able to run around and blow off steam a couple times a day or she's a nutcase in the house. I have to come up with something for her...I hate to see her suffering.

Any suggestions please? Thanks
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That sounds tough. Keep trying with the boots, she may get used to them. Someone here maybe able to give you some advise, I don't have dogs, but if no answers here, I would call a local vet and just ask for advice. The assistants will usually give you that over the phone for free. :o) Hope you can work it out! Best wishes.
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Try and get her used to the boots.

If she doesn't get used to them,there is this paw pad cream you can buy.You put it on their pads before you go out and I found it works really well and protects their pads from the eliments! I am not sure what it is called.My family and I use it for our dogs (my foster dogs and their dogs).

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Hi, thanks for the replies.

I've done some more checking around and several people swear by a product called "invisible boot". Perhaps that's what you're thinking of Vanilla_Rat as it's some sort of cream/rub made from beeswax. And it isn't harmful to a dog who licks it off. I'm going to get some for sure.

She hates the boots and just rips them off faster than I can get them on and fastened. And to actually walk in them...well that's funny to see. I'll keep trying every now and then; even if she's wearing one or two just sitting in the house. Maybe she'll eventually get used to them.

Thanks again.
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we have trouble with my cocker spaniels paws, but she will wear my socks outside lol so thats what we do and when she comes in we rub her little feet with a warm cloth and she just melts lol...that cream sounds cool though

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I used to put boots on my cocker spaniels. It was so funny to watch them walk in the boots. Even the one that didn't really mind getting dressed up would still pick up his feet really high. It was hysterical!

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ive tried everything for dog booties as we have snow and extremely cold temps for about 5 months of the year. but ihave finally made my own they go from the foot of course all the way to above the elbow where they have a velcrow strap as well as just above the little pad on the lower part of the front leg. and on the back feet they go to just above the hock have straps again below and above the hock. the really stay on
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