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urgh. As you recall, CoCo keeps reinfesting herself with coccidia since Ive gotten her....

well finally the last fecal test this week came back negative for the coccidia...but... positive for giardia!!

HTH did she get this?! I'm at a lost.

Could she have had it all this time since Ive had her, but it never showed up in her fecal test until now? (which she gets down frequently because of the coccidia!)

Anything special I should do for her?

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It's possible that it hasn't shown up in the fecal... or has passed unseen... Giardia is a very tiny parasite, just like coccidia is, and if the tech is not very skilled looking at the fecals, he/she might not see it. Just make sure that she takes the meds that the vet gave her.
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Also be sure to use proper hand-washing procedures after handling her.... Giardia is transmittable to humans, it is not fun... my mom had Giardia when I was about 10 ... it was so bad that I remember how sick she was 18 years later.

Also... I know you have mentioned in other posts that she is a turd burgler.... make sure you are disposing of all her poop so she can not re-infect herself with either the Giardia or the Coccidia by eating it... and if you take her in public make sure she is not eating other dog or animal feces because they can carry other not fun diseases. Perhaps asking your doctor about using Pineapple juice, Forbid, or Pumpkin to deter her from eating it might be a good idea.

Hope she gets better soon.
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my dog had giardia about 7 years ago. we went on vacation and brought her to our friends boarding kennel for the weekend. he lived on a farm and got his water from a well. apparently roxanne got it from the water or something there.

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