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Question Ginger is driving me batty!!!...any advise?

Well now that it is getting warmer out, there is alot more activity going on outside...children playing, birds flying around, and those lovable squirls scampering across the yards. Well Ginger is going nuts!!! She runs from window to window, wimpering and carrying on like she is dying or something. The other morning I thought burglers were entering my house....NO, it was just a bird in the front yard. Yi, Yi, Yi!!!

Any advice on how to calm her down? I don't think my sanity could take this all summer!!! And forget about washing any windows!!! Every single one of them has a dog snot streak on them

Silly Puppy!!!
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That is a bit of a toughie, I've been dealing with something similar with my 3, although only 2 of them get to the point of whimpering and shakes, it's funny and then I look outside and it's a squirrel, I tell you those darn squirrels know what they are doing, I think they come up to the back door and purposly tease these poor dogs..... I don't know what to tell you, I usually tell mine the basic stuff, like it's okay it's just a squirrel, and so forth, but never punish them for something that is clearly instinct, That is why I say that is a toughie, maybe somebody can have a suggestion, as I've been dealing with this now for last 3 years, where ever we live, we have squirrels, hmmmm
I wish you luck
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Yes whimpering,shaking and snot on the window! Only its the kids and a car driving by or someone walking. I have been very patient for three years now but it does get annoying. I tell her all the time whatever it is that she is barking at that it's ok but it goes in one ear and out the other!
I have a Yorkie/Shih tzu. She is five years old and gettig grumpy. But I love her!
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I am with you all, I haven't washed my kitchen windows in months, there are nose prints all over it. I always tell my pups not to cry wolf because one of these days I will think it's a bird when it's a burgler. BUT...they really haven't gotten the idea yet, so if anyone figures anyhting out PLEASEEEEEE let me know!!!

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