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My greyhound has ben mostly on Chicken Soup since Nov 03.
Results are Cleaner teeth, Glossy coat, small firm poops.

The feed-n-seed in town sells 18#[email protected]
the same size at the designer pet store in
the next town sells 18# @ 24.95- ( they did'nt
know about the feed n seed price) but said they would
match their price for me.....yeah!
We've also used Innova, Canidae,Karma
and new ULTRAbyNutro
All good results for a large breed canine.
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Beware of the ingredient menadion biosulfate complex, read this in the dog food project. It's a terrible additive. I like Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover and Wellness lamb. Very good choices.
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I like the brands Wellness and Merrick (small family farm in Texas knows their dog food) for the most part. Especially Merrick for the fun factor . canned and dry fun flavors like "Surf and Turf" for my cat, "Grammy's pot pie" for my dog, etc. My loves seems to enjoy the food. Check em out!
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The majority of brands mentioned on this topic are rubbish, anything you find in a major grocery store has about as much nutritional value of saw dust. Not to say dogs can't, or don't do just fine on them. But most store brands like science diet, iams, pureina and so forth are nothing but fillers. And is the equivalent to eating a big mac you're entire life! Two things you should know. When looking at an ingredients list the first 3 should have "named meat" such as chicken, lamb, bison, long as its actually named, and isn't anything like "meat by products" when an ingredient says "chicken meal" or lamb meal, anything named with "meal" after it is a great thing! Meat and muscle are mostly water, cooked down the meat is smaller in size, weight and nutritional value, chicken meal for example is just the result of the drying process. A concentration of the meat, resulting in an average 300% increase in nutritional value. So don't be afraid of a named meat product with meal after it. By-products is the word u want to avoid, and salts! There's a website I will post that gives an in depth look at every ingredient and why its used. And why its good or bad. I'll do that later, so keep an eye out for it..

And yes, it is common practice for cheaper brand foods to mix dead animals into there food. When you see an ingredient called "bone and meat meal" in most cases you have no idea where that meat is coming from. And they most often take dead animals from zoo's and pet hospitals and toss them into the mix, bags, flea collars and all! Even the animals that are put to sleep are added, and the chemical used for that does not break down during the cooking process! Scary thought huh? But its true.

As far as food brands go, avoid grocery stores, or any of the big name companies you see on your research, and good dog food ratings. You'll learn a ton! And be frightened! But the education is well worth it! Especially when it comes to our loving pets!

My brand choices

Best of the best - Orijen! Absoulty amazing stuff! Super high protein levels, and no fillers! Grain free and filled with veggies! Very expensive though!

Grain free mid range priced - taste of the wild! Grain free and no fillers! All around great product with wonderful ingredients list!
I also put chicken soup in the mid range as well, though its not grain free, its still a great food!

If u must go cheap, then kirkland brand food is alright, not great, but better then any other store brand. But if I read correctly isn't the post topic from someone in Europe?

Anywho, keep reading, and studying and learn all u can!
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dog food

I like having good brand foods for my dog so they can be healthy. Taking care of a dog is more than just a ton of work; it can cost you a ton of cash. This is specifically true if you get the pet at a young age. It may cost a lot of cash, but owning a pet that loves you is always worth it.
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Well, as my dog has ban allergies he uses "James wellbeloved" food. And it does help him even though it's expensive stuff.
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