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Good dog food for small breeds??

I currently feed my Eskie Canidae ALS Grain Free Dry Formula. My new dog is a 7 1/2 lb Pom who wants nothing to do with it and is being very picky. I am not sure if its too big for him or he just doesn't like it, but I have realized even with treats unless I break it down in to a tiny tiny piece he wants nothing to do with it. I have since bought him Nutro Natural Holistic wet food packets but I don't want to feed him just wet food, it can't be great for the teeth. I brush them anyway but still.
Is there a really good dry food out there thats really small bites?
I will not feed commercial stuff like Iams and Science diet and I would prefer it to be grain free or at least wheat and gluten free and the Nutro isn't. I don't mind mixing a good wheat/gluten free wet food with a small good grain free dry
Thanks =)
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Pomeranians are notorious for being VERY PICKY eaters once you find something they like it is best to stick with just that and not to alter their diet much or you could make them hate what you were feeding... I feed my picky Pomeranian something that contains wheat/gluten.. so my recommendation of a food would be of little help to you.

Unless your Pomeranian (or you) has an issue with wheat/gluten I would look at some of the more premium food that may contain wheat/gluten that are made specifically for little dogs.

What was he eating before he come to your home?

Good Luck
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Well he was taken in by animal control from an abusive neglectful home and brought to the Animal Coalition where I adopted him. he was only there a few days. I asked them and they said they tried both the wet and dry, he would only pick here and there when hungry but was very picky and didn't want what they gave him and being stressed on top of it he barely ate. They do not know what he ate before. Could have had to sneak table food , cause he wants everything I eat. I don't give it to him though.
He ate the Nutro wet mixed with the Canidae after I crushed it the first time but now wants nothing to do with either. I have had 2 dogs in the past develope allergies from eating foods with wheat gluten and I would rather just avoid it since he has bad dermatitus and red yeast gunk in his eyes already. I won't let him starve of course but I'd like to try to find somethign he will like grain free or at least wheat gluten free. I will try Blue or Welness wet and mix it. My other dog has to have wheat gluten free food so I woudl rather just buy what they will both eat. My other dog is not picky.
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good dog food small breed

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