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Sometimes the case is the smaller the dog the more scary it can be! We have two dachsunds and they are defintely guard dogs in my mind! If somebody pulls up they don't hesitate to bark and let us know! Of course they are small but if someone would try and grab me or something i am sure they would help me! If any one comes to the door they bark. If our neighbors are outside they bark.

Kind of funny that small dogs are good guard dogs too!
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Has anyone seen the show on Discovery called "It takes a thief?" It's about 2 ex cons that help people be safe. Every time he was in a house with a big dog, he still robbed the place. If i remember right he was actually more afraid of the little ones since they tend to cause more noise and draw more attention to the house. The big ones mostly took a bone or after being locked in a room, laid down and went to sleep. The little ones followed him around the house barking really loud and biting his ankles. Of course I don't think these were trained dogs, so if you got a professionally trained guard dog you may be better.
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My two dogs freak out if any men try to touch me...I guess though they are small they could be great guard dogs

I actually didnt see that show,but I can see where it would make sense!!
My uncle's big dog [well its a setter] will let just anyone in my house,but let some random guy walk in& my 2 small dogs,especially my female that I had for 10 years...they will bark& growl...& if a guy touches me or tries to,they'll,well lets just say they'll attempt to bite!
I think my pets are the perfect guard dogs,I will not look into getting any more dogs.The dogs I have will do nicely.
They been guarding me all along& I'm just now realizing it.
I'll never underestimate them again.

Thank you everyone!!

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