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Heartworm - A Deadly Disease

Heartworm - A Deadly Disease
by Sheri Huttner

The Cycle

A dog becomes infected with heartworm when bitten by a mosquito carrying the immature worms, called microfilariae. The microfilariae travel through the dog's bloodstream for about 6 months. During this time they mature into adult worms before reaching their final destination -- the dog's heart.

Clicl for the Article
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Small request

Could this be made a sticky thread or be moved to the featured articles? This is a good article and important to know. Seems like it should be one or the other.
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All of our dogs are on heartworm pills even over here. Although the Italian vet's claim there is no heartworms here, we have never been one to take chances. However the heartworm med our's are on covers more than just heartworm
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The one I chose for Myrl and Levi covered more than just heartworm as well. I figured it was better to give them it than have to give them all these different meds. They hated that pill as it was. lol
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I have Harley on Heartguard and on Frontline Plus. Now I'm thinking I should have Doodles on those two items as well. I'll ask my vet tomorrow.
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Thanks for the article!
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I worked in a vet clinic for many years in Texas where many cases of heartworms was treated. It is such an easy thing to prevent and such a horrible thing to have happen to a dog. They have to be treated with a drug that is based on arsnic, and you have to keep the dog calm for a while. Most of the dog are sweet and loving dogs, who's life was cut short by people that 1. Didn't Care, 2. Didn't want to spend the small amout for prevention or 3. Didn't know

Thanks for the article!
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Heartworm treatment IS very important!

Heartworm prevention is very important. I used to live in Oklahoma, where heartworms were very uncommon and didn't require prevention as much. So, when we moved to Florida, we didn't think at all about heartworm prevention, and my puppy, Thunder (13), started having convulsions and seizures. We took him to the vet, and it was discovered that he had heartworms. They think he was having seizures because one may have been lodged in his brain. They had to do a reverse, which is killing the babies first, then the adults, because his case was so severe. After they finally killed all the heartworms, after having to suffer so much watchin my puppy suffer so very much, he developed congestive heart failure due to the fact that the worms had expanded his heart, and now they were gone. And the worm, though dead now, still was in his brain. He still had seizures... certain things triggered them... sunlight, drinking when he came in... he lost almost all control of his bladder, and his stool was so runny we had to wash him off everytime he went. A short time later he died. He was a wonderful puppy, and I'll never forget him. I just wish I would've known the pain he would've gone through, and the threat that was there. I am an aspiring veterinarin, and I was a vet tech. I tell everyone I know that say they have dogs to put their dog on heartworm prevention, even if I don't know them.

Now, my sister found a stray who looks like a brown version of my Thunder puppy. He has heartworms. He's only about three, and his case isn't bad, so his chances are good. He's such a sweetie. He only likes me and my sister right now. Poor guy... it's very obvious that he's been abused a lot. But he's taking a liking to me and my sister.
If you would, pray for him to be okay through his heartworm treatment.
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heartworm proventive is soooooooo....important on EVERY AND ANY dog!!!!!!!!! we had one dog at the shelter who was heartworm postive when we got him we had a home for him so we treated him for the heartworm what ended up happening is he fought the treatment and his own blood cells we did everything we could to save him but it didn't work makes me soooo...mad cause if the owner had him on proventive he'd be happy and heathy in his new home but instead he's no longer with us. RIP JOHN

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Hi, I am new to this, so please forgive any mistakes, all my dogs were abandoned, and one a poodle, who is my soul mate, had heartworm when he found me. He was duly treated, and recovered, that was four years ago, but sadly, the last few months he has developed a bronchial condition, evidentally its because after having heartworm , it leaves them with an enlarged heart, which causes these problems, but hes on all kinds of medication, and thankfully is getting no worse!
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Exclamation More on heartworms

Hi guys!

Our resident vet in Pet Shed made an article about heartworms in dogs. This would me of much help - it explains what these parasites are, symptoms to look out for, possible preventive treatments.

check it out!

Heartworms in dogs
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My dog Shiloh was a stray. He had a horrible case of heartworm, and the first vet said we should put him to sleep. Then we got a second opinion, and that vet said she could treat him. He had arsenic shots to his heart. It was expensive, and hard to see him go through that, but he recovered, and he is now 15! He is the love of my life!
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I thought i would give this a bump even tho its a sticky, because honestly, I've never read it! And I'm sure others have overlooked it as well. I usually only read the posts that come up in the new posts list, so Ive totally missed this sticky.
I have to admit i really knew nothing about heart worm before tonight, In-fact David and i were just talking about it this afternoon, he asked me what it was, because he heard some women taking about it or something.. i have heard of it before, but never really knew what it was or anything about it. Ive been reading about it tonight, its really quite gross.. and i think I'll apply some extra bug spray this summer! But everyone needs to read about it and know what it is. I feel really bad for not being more informed and will be making a vet appointment soon for both of our dogs, and will be encouraging friends and family members to do the same.

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Thanx for bumping this, I never saw it since I only go to the "new posts" link at the top. Whenever I brought Phoenix to the vet, they never really stressed on how important it is for them to have the meds. She asked if I wanted to, but I wasn't really informed much on what heartworm was. Mosquitoes are REALLY bad out here and now I'm a little scared about this whole heartworm thing and I'll be making a vet appointment tomorrow so she can be on the meds as soon as possible.
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the vets office i work for kind of tell people if they can only afford a couple things to do for thier dogs it should be rabies vax every 3 years and heartworm testing every year.
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