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hello all! and my new pup!

Hello everyone, my name is Ken and I'm new to this forum. I just got a puppy Sunday night! It's an 8 1/2 week old German Shorthair.

Man Sunday night/Monday morning was tough. He was crying all most of the night. He woke up at 6AM and so did I.

Last night was a bit better. I walked him in my backyard and played with him and he got knocked out at 9:30. Unfortunately he woke up at 12:00am. so i exercised him some more and went to sleep at 1:30am. He woke up at 7am and woke me up as well.

He's barking everytime i leave. How long does this stage last? Does any of the bark control leash type of thing work? I would only use it at night. It sucks that he hasn't been vacinated yet. His first visit is tomorrow. So until his shots are all completed, I can't walk him outside.

Any other tips for me will be appreciated. Thanks!
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Welcome to the wonderful world of puppyhood.

It is normal for a puppy this young to get up once during the night. I noticed you stayed up from 12:00 a.m until 1:30. Try not to make this a habit. If the pup is good and tired at 9 or 10 o'clock and wakes up during the night, bring it outside and let it go potty and put it back to bed and try to ignore it's cries. You can give it a little chew bone or a fav toy so it can play if it wants until it gets sleepy. Sleeping from 1:30 until 7:00 is actually pretty good. Within a week the puppy should be quieter at night and have a routine going. Unfortunately a puppy this young is going to want to get up fairly early and even 7:00 is kind of late for them. Eventually by 10 to 12 weeks, it should be able to go 8 to 10 hours during the night.
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thanks for the reply. chewing toys doesn't work for Diesel when I'm out of the room. He barks and barks when I'm walking out of the room and when there's no one there. Should I try to make it sleep later at night? Anyone has any experience on bark collars on puppies? Thanks!
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Welcome and congrats on the new addition to your home! He's gorgeous!!! I agree with the no play during the night rule. When Jersey was a pup, when she cried to go out, I'd take her out without saying a word, give her a "good girl!" and a pet after she did her business, and it was back into bed! I'd like to know how to get them to sleep in, cuz even after having Serene for 2 yrs and Jersey for a year and a half....I'm still up by 7 am!!! They live by their routine!!!
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NO bark collars for pups. You've only had him a couple of nights. It is going to take time. Try different chew toys and then ignore him. It is just like a parent trying to get their baby to sleep during the night. It takes time. Be patient with the little one. He has been removed from everything familiar to him. I understand, trust me. I raised 3 pups in a row
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I agree with Brenda. Do not use a bark collar on a puppy.

Sounds like your puppy is having separation anxiety. Pup is so use to having someone around, whether it be mom or brothers and sisters, he's not use to being alone. It'll take time, but you have to be patient.
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yea i'm not going to use it. it's 11:33pm and he just fell asleep. i think we tired him out since 8, with an hour rest. he was falling asleep earlier but didn't want him to so early. i hope he sleeps straight through tomorrow morning!!! i'll have the updates.
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congrats and !!! that has got to be the cutest snout i have ever seen! such a cute, fat nose!

i agree with everyone...patience is key. it's just like a baby. you are going to have to live with crying for a while. but it WILL go away. a bark collar is not addressing the problem. the crying is a symptom. make sense?

please keep us updated! he's so cute!

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and to PT!!!
I agree patience is everything with a puppy, the whining will go away, when we found Jessie our rescue rottie pup she whined for a good solid 2-3 weeks, but is now doing great. Acutally most of our dogs we have had since they were pups and all did the whining thing. It is hard to ignore I understand, but that is best. If the puppy whines and you immediately show him attention, he will begin to link his whining with you giving him attention, and you really don't want that.
Lots of toys and TLC
P.S. glad to see an S.F. person I grew up about 45 min. east of S.F.
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thanks for the warm welcomes everyone! another update....
Tuesday night. I got home at 8PM and he was super hungry. fed him a good 5-6 handful of Sciencediet. He was still begging for food. Walked and played with him around for a while in the backyard and in the garage. I had to leave at around 9:30ish so I put him back into his fenced area in the garage. of course he barked when i left him there. about 30 mins after i was gone, my mom called and said that he was falling asleep on the floor, and not his crate. so i told my mom to keep him up for a while. i got back 10 mins after that and I played with him some more until 10:30ish. he got so tired that he didn't care that we put the top part of the crate back on. I closed the crate door a little past 11 and he didn't bark at all! He was so tired. I slept at 11:30ish and didn't hear a thing until 5am.

Wednesday Morning: at around 5, i heard some barking but didn't respond for about 5-10 mins. i went out and he pee'd in his crate. i cleaned it up a little and fed him some food. left him there in his fenced area to eat. at first he barked a little when i went back to sleep. but after a bit he stopped. i was like gooooooooood.
I woke up at 7:30 and didn't hear a thing. I was like 'is he trained already?!?!?'
unfortunately i saw him chilling in one side of the garage where there was a pillow and some old clothes(those were for him). i've realized that he has pulled the fences close to the crate and then climbed the fence and hopped onto the crate. that's how he escapes! at least he didn't eat any thing bad, i hope. i played with him for about 1/2 hour and i had to go work. i took off the top part of the crate so he wouldn't climb. he's barking as i was leaving.

That was my 3rd night and it went a lot better! i've learned to exercise him late at night and make him sleep later.
He doesn't like to be put into the fenced area. He likes to roam.
BTW he pee'd twice and poo'd once on various newspapers i had around. So he's learning the newspaper. he missed once or twice though because I saw some wet spots.

He's going to the vet to get his first shot today. Still can't wait for him to socialize outside the house.

Okay enough writing and thankis for reading!
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chew toy, chew toys

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