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Wink Help Please!!!

We just adopted a 9 month old corgi. We have had him for about 2 months. Whenever we rub his belly or don't talk to him using a "baby" voice he pees. Any suggestions on how to stop him from doing this. We have adopted other dogs before and never had this problem. Please help, he is an absolute sweetheart and no we will not "get rid of" him because of this. I am just looking for some answers.
Thank you.
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Excitement Urination


Even a dog that is otherwise housetrained may exhibit excitement urination by leaving dribbles and puddles of urine at your feet and on the floor when greeting you. It's normal for some dogs to urinate when they become excited.
Excitement urination usually occurs in puppies and is caused by lack of bladder control. The puppy is not aware that he is urinating, and any punishment will only confuse him. Since he does not know why you are angry, the excitement urination will quickly become submissive urination in an attempt to appease you. As your puppy matures and develops bladder control, the problem will usually disappear. However, in the mean time, it is probably a good idea to do something to help keep your puppy dry.

The best treatment for excitement urination is to prevent your dog from becoming overly excited in the first place. You can do this by exposing your dog to the stimulus that excites him, over and over until it no longer excites him. Most likely, your dog gets excited and wets when you return home. If so, simply ignore him for several minutes. Don't even look at him.

Then leave again for a few minutes, return and ignore, leave, return and ignore. Keep doing this until you can see that your dog is not only unexcited, but is actually getting bored with the whole thing. If excitement urination is a problem when visitors arrive, have them do this too. When your dog has calmed down and is no longer excited when you come in, then very quietly and gently say hello. If any signs of excitement or urinating appears, quickly exit and repeat the coming-and-going routine. A rapid sequence of heel-sits will capture your dog's attention and channel his excitement to the game of heeling and sitting instead of urinating. Remember to ignore all excitement urination and never scold or get angry at your dog when it occurs.

Spiteful Urinating


Dear Gwen,
My three year old maltese has turned spiteful. She's house broken, but when I leave the house without her, she wets on the floor. I know she doesn't have to go, because I always take her out for a long walk before I leave. And I'm only gone for a few hours! I have tried spanking her when I come home but all that does is make her hide when I come home. Help!


Dear Annoyed:

Your dog is not being spiteful. I believe she really does have "to go" after you leave. After a long walk, most dogs come home fairly thirsty and will drink more water than they need. Within a short time, their little bladder fills up and they need to empty out again. Take her for her walk earlier. When you get home, don't let her drink excessively. Then before you leave, take her for another short walk to allow her to relieve herself again.

Stop all your scolding and spanking as that can only make the problem worse. If she fears punishment when you return, she will most likely become nervous. Nervousness can cause excessive panting which in turn can make her thirsty, so she will again drink too much water. A classic sign of nervous is increased urination.

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Submissive Urination
Submissive urination occurs when a dog feels threatened. It may occur when heís being punished or verbally scolded, or when heís approached by someone he perceives to be threatening to him. Itís important to remember that this response is based on the dogís perception of a threat, not the personís actual intention. Submissive urination may resolve as your dog gains confidence. You can help to build his confidence by teaching him commands and rewarding him for obeying. You should also gradually expose him to new people and new situations and try to make sure all of his new experiences are positive and happy.

Your Dog May Be Submissively Urinating If:

Urination occurs when heís being scolded.
Urination occurs when heís being greeted.
Urination occurs when someone approaches him.
He is a somewhat shy, anxious or timid dog.
He has a history of rough treatment or punishment after the fact.
The urination is accompanied by submissive postures, such as crouching or rolling over and exposing his belly.
What To Do If Your Dog Has A Submissive Urination Problem:
Take your dog to the vet to rule out medical reasons for the behavior.
Keep greetings low-key.
Encourage and reward confident postures from him.
Give him an alternative to behaving submissively. For example, if he knows a few commands, have him "sit" or "shake" as you approach, and reward him for obeying.
Avoid approaching him with postures that he reads as dominant, for example:
Avoid direct eye contact Ė look at his back or tail instead.
Get down on his level by bending at the knees rather than leaning over from the waist and ask others to approach him in the same way.
Pet him under the chin rather than on top of the head.
Approach him from the side, rather than from the front, and/or present the side of your body to him, rather than your full front.
Donít punish or scold him - this will only make the problem worse.
Excitement Urination
Excitement urination occurs most often during greetings and playtime and is not accompanied by submissive posturing.
Excitement urination usually resolves on its own as a dog matures, if itís not made worse by punishment or inadvertent reinforcement.
Your Dog May Have An Excitement Urination Problem If:
Urination occurs when your dog is excited, for example during greetings or during playtime.
Urination occurs when your dog is less than one year old.
What To Do If Your Dog Has An Excitement Urination Problem:

Keep greetings low-key.
Donít punish or scold him.
To avoid accidents, play outdoors until the problem is resolved.
Take your dog to the veterinarian to rule out medical reasons for the behavior.
Ignore him until heís calm

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Your Corgi sounds adorable and he's so lucky to have you. Since he's 9 months old my best guess would be that his prior situation wasn't very pleasant for him.
It sounds like submissive urination. In cases where a dog may have been abused and dominated to the point of fear, this type of behavior develops. In "pack" language what he's telling you is, "Look at me, so weak, so submissive, so scared, You win, my only way to cope is peeing, see how submissive I am!??"

What Ms. Redd posted is good information that needs to be applied to a real dog in the real world, considering the dog's real situation.

Do you know what his prior living conditions were like? Was he abused? Was he left with other dogs that picked on him?

I dealt with a dog with problems similar to yours once, only I knew his background and why he was displaying this behavior so I was better equipped to come up with working solutions.

The first thing I would suggest is to (as hard as this sounds) ignore the urinating for now, and work on boosting his confidence. If you ignore the urinating and concentrate on his temperment it may cure itself.
Put him in situations where he's always successful.
This is the only situation where I would actually suggest a game of tug-of-war, and let him win. Let him take toys and food from you. (Meaning, offer things to him from your hand frequently, get him used to your hands) Get him used to being stroked all over while talking to him gently. Scratch him under the chin instead of on the top of his head for a while.
Feed him some of his meal from your hand to develop trust and a bond. Don't roll him over. If he rolls over, give him a real quick belly scratch and encourage him to get up (dogs on their backs with belly exposed is classic submissive posture) - get enthusiastic (in a quiet calm way) and Praise, Praise, Praise! Feel free to motivate him with teenie food rewards. Develop trust.
LOTS of verbal and physical praise and lots and lots of love. Patience. Positive reinforcements, which I am sure you are already giving him.

If you can tell me more about where you got him, how you are training him (crate?), his routine, etc. I can probably come up with a plan or some suggestions on how to help you all through this.

Hang in there! I think you can get him through this with your sanity in tact and end up with a very loyal best friend.

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Poo dont scare me!!!
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I have two boxers, Harlie and Max, they both pee when they get excited. Max pees in submission sometimes too, like when he does something wrong, and we tell him no, he will just dribble a little. A lot of dogs do it, so its not abnormal at all. And also, just so you know, if he was just recently neutered, it may have a small effect on him too. Harlie had some accidents after her spay but after a few weeks it went away. Max is getting nutered next month, so we dont really know about boys, but it might have the same effect on them. Good luck!

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I don't know anything about his past except that the previous owners did'nt want hi because they did'nt have enough time to give him. This bot is the sweetest and bravest out of all my animals. Thank you for the information!
I can't figure out how to add a picture of my little boy.
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One of my dogs have always done it, when she gets excited or scared she pees no matter where she is. She is now 13 1/2 years old.
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my dog never pees on the porch except when Ilene one of my mom's friends came over. She only has been out there a few times and over longer periods of time but everytime she did Baby would pee on the porch....I dont know if she still would cuz the lady has moved but I thought it might have to do with Ilene having dogs at home ...but then again...some of my friends have other dogs at home and she never does it with them so I dunno!
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I LOVE Corgis! You gotta get pics up fast!
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